Which is the best long sword armor on mh3u?

Hey so ever since MHT I have main Longsword but on MH3U which armor do you hunters think that is the best when using longsword. Also it would help if you also told me which decorations to put =D Thanks Well, that depends on which longsword you will be using wont it? Altheos Altrusta, Wvyern Rose and Megrez Asterism don’t require sharpness +1.

What’s the best armor sets for Longsword hr and G-R?

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING! re: Whats the Best Armor Sets for Longsword HR and G-R? Explain in detail if can and whats the Best Longsword”s” Evade – allows you to dodge through attacks. The longsword doesn’t have the ability to block, so what else are you gonna do? Expert – adds +10% affinity for each tier for the skill.

What’s the best longsword for Monster Hunter Generations?

– Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Longsword recommendation for progressing through High Rank (Village 7*-10*)? Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. What do you need help on? Cancel X You’re browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

Which is the best longsword for high rank?

I’ve been using the Hidden Saber longsword (Iron Katana lv4 >> Nargacuga) since Village 4-star and am in the process of progressing through Village 7-star to 10-star. I’m happy with the popular low rank Rathalos/Ceanataur/Bhana armor set and will probably just create high rank versions of those pieces.

Which is the best long sword in Monster Hunter World?

Based on our criteria, the following are our chosen best 6 Long Swords in Monster Hunter World: The Divine Slasher is a mastercrafted Workshop weapon that has a fierce and dragon like tone with a blood red blade.

Is the long sword a good weapon to use?

The long sword is a very high-performance weapon that allows you to deal damage without necessarily relying on a few super high DPS moves. Because of that, it’s possible to spec more defensively to make for a safer overall playstyle. The build above should hold you out even past 5★ village quests.

Which is the best Longsword to get in MHW?

Besides always looking the coolest, the Longsword is easy to pick up and start swinging, combos are plentiful and quick to learn, it’s mobility and reach are nowhere near limited and the moves and attacks just look so anime and perfect. So come with me down MHW lane and discover the best endgame Longswords.