Which is the most powerful Diana air rifle?

350 N_TEC Magnum
DIANA revives this tradition and offers a large variety of high quality Break Barrel Air Rifles – from the entry-level model ELEVEN up to the most powerful DIANA Air Rifle of all time, the 350 N_TEC Magnum!

Where is Diana airgun made?

DIANA Mayer & Grammelspacher is an air gun manufacturer founded and based in Rastatt, Germany. The company, named after Diana, the mythological goddess of the hunt, is best known for producing quality air rifles.

What is the most powerful air rifle for hunting?

The Most Powerful Air Rifle: AEA Zeus They have some interesting new gun designs, but it is their big bore offering that’s been garnering a lot of attention. The . 72 caliber Zeus is both the largest caliber and the most powerful air rifle on the planet.

What is an RWS rifle?

RWS Air Rifles For decades RWS pellet rifles have been the benchmark in quality and accuracy for hunting and pest control air guns. The RWS brand is known for its German quality and robust limited lifetime warranty which adds to the peace of mind when shopping from Umarex Airguns.

Are Diana guns good?

Not designed for the faint-hearted, the Diana RWS 48 air rifle is an impressive gun. Built with beautifully crafted German engineering, this gun stands out both in performance and presence. It fulfills its purpose as a potent, full-sized sporting air gun suitable for small game hunting, pest control and plinking.

Can felons own air rifles?

As for a felon possessing one, that depends on the State probably and in regards to federal law, an air rifle is not a firearm by definition, therefore federal law does not prohibit felons from possessing bows, crossbows and air rifles or spring powered pellet guns.

Who makes RWS?

For more than 100 years, RWS has manufactured all of its rifle ammunition exclusively at its headquarters in Fürth-Stadeln, Germany. Its origins can be traced back to 1855. That was when Heinrich Utendoerffer began to manufacture priming compounds in his Nuremburg laboratory.

Does umarex own RWS?

The North American subsidiary of Umarex, Umarex USA, was created in 2006 after acquiring the American marketers of the RWS brand (formerly part of Dynamit Nobel), which they continue to market.

Is umarex made in Germany?

Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of air guns (including Umarex air pistols such as the Beretta Elite II), tear-gas and signal pistols, paintball markers under the RAM brand and airsoft guns, based in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Where are umarex air rifles manufactured?

Products » Airguns » Made in Germany » www.umarex.com.

How big is the trigger on a Diana air rifle?

Diana 34 air rifle Spring-piston Breakbarrel Single-shot Fixed fiber optic front sight Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight 11mm dovetail grooves 2-stage adjustable T06 trigger 3.30 lbs. trigger-pull Ambidextrous hardwood stock 33 lbs. cocking effort Includes an unmounted Ce..

How big is the rear sight on a Diana air rifle?

The rear sight is fully adjustable, and the 11mm dovetail rail means you could add a scope if you prefer. All in all, it’s a great option for backyard fun. Barely over 20 inches long. DIT 2-stage trigger. Built in 11mm dovetail rail.

What kind of magazine does a Diana air rifle use?

The 12-gram CO2 cartridge provides enough power that you can achieve up to 560 fps velocities. That will, of course, depend on the caliber you choose – .177 or .22 caliber barrels. Even better, this unit also features a multi-shot magazine. You’ll get nine rounds with the .177 and seven rounds on the .22 caliber.

What’s the muzzle velocity of a Diana air rifle?

This, combined with the PCP 200 BAR (2900 psi), allows you to fire shot after shot. In fact, we reckon you’ll likely get addicted right quick. You also get the option of either .177 or .22 caliber barrels when you order. The .177 will provide you with up to 1050 feet per second firing velocity.