Which is the taluka in Kolhapur?


Sr. No. Taluka Name Number of villages
1 Shahuwadi 141
2 Panhala 127
3 Hatkanangale 59
4 Shirol 49

Which is the biggest taluka in Kolhapur district?

Karvir Kolhapur
Talukas in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra

# Taluka District
1 Karvir Kolhapur
2 Hatkanangle Kolhapur
3 Shirol Kolhapur
4 Kagal Kolhapur

How many villages are there in Kolhapur?

Tahsil-wise List

Sl No Tahsil Total Villages
7 Kagal 86
8 Karvir 130
9 Panhala 131
10 Radhanagari 114

How many states are there in 2020 in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra is divided into 6 revenue divisions, which are further divided into 36 districts. These 36 districts are further divided into 109 sub-divisions of the districts and 357 talukas.

What is the capital of Kolhapur?

Kolhapur State
Capital Kolhapur
• 1901 8,332 km2 (3,217 sq mi)

Which is the biggest village in Maharashtra?

Akluj is a town in Solapur district in Maharashtra. It is situated on the bank of River Nira. The town and surrounding area is agriculturally rich. Akluj is Asia’s richest and largest gram panchayat….Akluj.

Akluj (अकलुज)
Elevation 487 m (1,598 ft)
Population (2011)
• Total 40,000 approx.
Languages – Marathi

How many Tal are there in Kolhapur?

Kolhapur district
Division Pune
Headquarters Kolhapur
Tehsils 1. Gadhinglaj, 2. Karveer, 3. Bhudargad, 4. Panhala, 5. Kagal, 6. Shirol, 7. Hatkanangale, 8. Ajara, 9. Chandgad, 10. Gaganbawada, 11. Radhanagari, 12. Shahuwadi

Which district is biggest in Maharashtra?

Largest & Smallest District in Maharashtra by Area

# By Area District Area
Largest Ahmednagar 17048 km²
Smallest Mumbai City District 36 km2

Which is the No 1 Taluk in India?

Country India
State Karnataka
District Raichur
Headquarters Sindhanur City