Who are Ako and Keita Suminoe In KissxSis?

Ako Suminoe – The younger of his older sisters, Keita loves Ako very much. He is very appreciative of her homemaker skills and loves her cooking the most. Ako is half the reason he decides to go to Tamahide High School. Keita usually asks Ako for help with his homework due to her superior grades.

How did Keita Suminoe lose his love for his sister?

He lost his infatuation with his sister, essentially “growing up”, when he found out from his father that polygamy is illegal. Keita is weak to alcohol, and while he becomes livelier when drunk he does not remember anything when he sobers up, but when he gets drunk again his memories come back to him.

How old is Riko Suminoe In KissxSis?

Riko Suminoe is a 16-year-old first-year high school student and second stepsister to Keita. Though less academically accomplished than her twin, Riko is cunning, insightful, crafty, an active member of the Disciplinary Committee, and boldly open about her personal life and sexuality.

Why did Keita go to the same high school as his sisters?

Though initially annoyed by his older sisters’ antics, Keita studied hard to enter same high school as his older sisters due to his love of them and desire to not leave them lonely.

Who is the eldest sister of Keita Suminoe?

Riko Suminoe – His eldest sister, Keita loves Riko very much. Riko is a lot more open to do sexual things with Keita than her younger sister.

Why does Miharu want to kiss Keita Suminoe?

Keita notes that Miharu has opened up more to people and has more friends than she used to in middle school. At the end of chapter 116 and the start of chapter 117, Miharu took the initiative of kissing Keita in front of class, because Keita said he was dumped.

How did Keita Suminoe and Yuzuki become couple?

After a date at school Yūzuki asked Keita out and the two have officially become a couple. They fantasize about each other, and plan to have sex in the future.