Who are the members of the New York Sack Exchange?

The New York Sack Exchange were the front four defensive line of the American football team New York Jets of the National Football League during the early 1980s. The line consisted of Mark Gastineau, Joe Klecko, Marty Lyons and Abdul Salaam.

Who is Mark Gastineau married to?

Jo Ann Gastineaum. 2007
Lisa Gastineaum. 1979–1991
Mark Gastineau/Spouse

Where is Mark Gastineau from?

Ardmore, Oklahoma, United States
Mark Gastineau/Place of birth

How many sacks did the New York Sack Exchange have?

They recorded 53.5 sacks, 20.5 by Klecko, 20 by Gastineau, seven by Salaam, and six by Lyons. Klecko was named Defensive Player of the Year by the NEA. The Jets made playoffs with a 10-5-1 record after posting a 4-12 record the year before.

Is Mark Gastineau in the Hall of Fame?

Mark Gastineau is considered to be one of the most dangerous pass-rushers of his time, but that was not enough to land him in the Hall of Fame. Gastineau also earned five Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections from 1979-1988.

Is Joe Klecko in the Hall of Fame?

Joe Klecko won’t be a Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee next year. The former Jets defensive linemen missed the cut to be the Class of 2022’s senior nominee, this time losing to Raiders receiver Cliff Branch. The senior nominee is reserved for players whose careers ended at least 25 years ago.

Why did Mark Gastineau go to jail?

In September 2000, Mark Gastineau received an 18-month prison sentence for violating probation and failing to complete an anger management course after assaulting his girlfriend.

Who wore 99 for the Jets?

Mark Gastineau

No. 99
College: East Central Oklahoma State
NFL Draft: 1979 / Round: 2 / Pick: 41
Career history
New York Jets (1979–1988) BC Lions (1990)

Did Mark Gastineau use steroids?

Off the field, Gastineau was no saint. He used anabolic steroids while playing for the Jets and was convicted for drug possession in 1993. He has a history of domestic violence against women. He served 11 months on Rikers Island for violating probation after assaulting a girlfriend who became his second wife.

Is Wesley Walker in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Walker is now a retired physical education teacher at Park View Elementary School in Kings Park, New York, and an occasional sports radio show commentator. Walker was inducted into the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame on Long Island in the Football Category with the Class of 2000.

Is Wesley Walker in the Hall of Fame?

Walker was inducted into the Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame on Long Island in the Football Category with the Class of 2000….This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines.

No. 85
Born: May 26, 1955 San Bernardino, California
Career information