Who can beat Megalodon?

There are many animals that could beat megalodon. Some say megalodon ate Livyatan but it was an ambush predator and Livyatan might have eaten it too. The modern sperm whale, fin whale, blue whale, Sei whale, Triassic kraken, pliosaurus and colossal squid could all beat the megalodon.

What dinosaur can beat a Megalodon?

stand the best chance, due to their size and agility, especially against a smaller or juvenile Mega. Pliosaurus, mosasaurus, livyatan, Carcharocles chubutensis, other Megalodon, and Tylosaurus could also win.

What shark is stronger than Megalodon?

Like today’s largest sharks, megalodon also faced competition from a giant whale that hunted the same prey. Its name was Livyatan, and it was a ferocious competitor to megalodon. Livyatan was about the same size as the massive shark, weighing an estimated 100,000 pounds and reaching up to 57 feet in length.

Who would win Spinosaurus or mosasaurus?

Mosasaurus attacks Spinosaurus, but couldn’t land a hit until, he crush Spinosaurus onto the ocean floor and tosses him to the ice sheet above and crash into Spinosaurus. However, Spinosaurus uses the icicles above to kill Mosasaurus and was successful, thus killing Mosasaurus.

Could a megalodon still be alive today?

Megalodon is NOT alive today, it went extinct around 3.5 million years ago.

What was bigger than a Megalodon?

The Blue Whale: Bigger Than Megalodon.

Could a Megalodon still be alive today?

What animal killed the Megalodon?

The great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) may have wiped out the giant megalodon (Otodus megalodon). But scientists may have miscalculated megalodon’s time of death by about 1 million years.

Can a Megalodon eat a Spinosaurus?

If the two dinosaurs met on land, the spinosaurus would obviously have the advantage. However, as both hunted in the water, the most likely outcome would have been that the megalodon would have killed the spinosaurus if these dinosaurs lived in the same period of time.

Which is bigger a Megalodon or a Mosasaurus?

Megalodon would have the advantage. It’s bite could open wider and was much better suited to doing damage to larger animals. Although both of their sizes are often heavily exaggerated, megalodon was much larger. The maximum size is thought to be around 15 meters, yielding a weight of around 30–35 tonnes; around the size of a humpback whale.

Which is better a mosasaurus or a Basilosaurus?

Mosasaurus and Basilosaurus are almost equal in size. Mosasaurus has agility, stronger jaw, better skills and a thick skin. Basilosaurus is smarter and muscular. I recommend Mosasaurus 70/100 and Basilosaurus 30/100. The Rock’s life-changing advice for Americans.

How big was the jaws of a megalodon?

The Mosasaurus and the Megalodon are both marine animals. Let’s see a few facts. Mosasaurus was 50 feet long with long slender jaws. But the Megalodon was 70 feet long and had wide jaws that could be 6 to 7 feet wide. The diet of Megalodon were large fish and Mosasaurus hunted smaller animals like amonites. Megalodon will chomp Mosasaurus in half.

Who is the winner of megalodon vs.leviathan?

The slightly less maneuverable Leviathan appears to be doomed, until its superior mammalian brain instinctively calculates the proper trajectories and it wheels around suddenly and charges, mouth agape. And the Winner Is… Leviathan!