Who designed the Silverstone Wing?

Global architects Populous
After a recent competition, which invited the general public to name the new futuristic building, with more than 4,000 entries, Silverstone and the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) have announced the name of the new Silverstone Pit, Paddock and Conference building designed by Global architects Populous.

When was the Silverstone Wing built?

May 17, 2011. Silverstone Circuits Limited, and its owner the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC), today opened the circuit’s state-of-the-art new Pit, Paddock and Conference complex – The Silverstone Wing.

How long is the Silverstone pit lane?

This race meeting will be held on the National circuit at Silverstone; 1.639 miles in length. Unless on the circuit, a speed limit of 10 mph applies at the venue [Q12. 25.8]. Internal or service roads may not be used to test race cars.

Why did they change Silverstone layout?

Following the deaths of Senna and fellow Grand Prix driver Roland Ratzenberger at Imola in 1994, many Grand Prix circuits were modified in order to reduce speed and increase driver safety. As a consequence of this, Copse, Stowe, Abbey and Priory corners were all re-profiled to be slower with increased run off.

What are the corners at Silverstone named after?

The origins of its name are simple: the straight used to pass close to the nearby farm. One of the new corners introduced in 2010 following Silverstone’s redevelopment, the right hander is named after Silverstone Village which lies to the north of the circuit.

Why is it called Maggots corner?

The opening section, Maggotts, was named not for the wriggly larvae but for nearby Maggot Moor. Becketts and Chapel Curve, meanwhile, take their names from the medieval chapel of St Thomas à Beckett, which was built in memory of the murdered Archbishop of Canterbury and once stood near to the corners.

What was the longest pit stop?

The longest pit stop in formula one history is 43 hours and 15 minutes. This is about 2,595 minutes or 155,700 seconds and it is a record held by Mercedes F1 team.

What corners are no longer used at Silverstone?

Silverstone had always been a circuit centred around extremes, and Becketts and Bridge tapped directly into that vein. Now only one of them remains. Bridge corner is still there, of course, the old track stretching beyond the ‘new’ Abbey first corner and sweeping under the bridge.

How many laps is f1 at Silverstone?

Great Britain – Silverstone

First Grand Prix 1950
Circuit length 5.891 km
Number of laps 52
Race distance 306.198 km
Lap record 1:27.369 – Hamilton (2019)

Why is it called maggots?

One of the most unique and most hair-raising parts of the circuit, Maggotts is named after the nearby Maggot Moor – although it is not clear why the spellings differ.

Why is a corner at Silverstone called maggots?

What are the corners called at Silverstone?

Turn 8: Woodcote The Royal Automobile Club ran the first Grands Prix and had a big say in how the corners were named at Silverstone. Woodcote is named after Woodcote Park in Surrey, which is owned by the RAC.

How tall is the Silverstone Wing Paddock Building?

The main building of the Silverstone Paddock, nicknamed “Silver Wing”, is a building of 390m length and up to 30 meters high. The main feature of the building ” Silverstone Wing” is certainly its roof slopes continuously changing symbolizing speed and voltage of the circuit path itself, pointing to the sky itself in the last corner of the track.

What are the functions of the Silverstone Wing?

The Silverstone Wing building has two main functions, to offer garages for vehicles of different competitions and host the hospitality, press rooms, etc., in a much more controlled. The program solves the garages on the ground floor, reserving the top two floors for social and media aspects.

How big is the Silverstone Wing in London?

With three large halls, a conference facility, business centre and a 100-seat auditorium, the Silverstone Wing has also been designed to accommodate conferences, product launches and experiential events, and will be the largest covered exhibition space between London and Birmingham.

How many garages are in the Silverstone Wing?

The Silverstone Wing will provide a world-class facility for teams, officials and spectators alike, including 41 garages, a race control building, a podium, media centre, hospitality and VIP spectator zones. It is the largest conferencing venue between London and Birmingham.