Who did one direction write Steal My Girl?

Julian Bunetta
Steal My Girl

“Steal My Girl”
Songwriter(s) Wayne Hector John Ryan Ed Drewett Julian Bunetta Jonathan Cain Louis Tomlinson Liam Payne
Producer(s) Julian Bunetta John Ryan Pär Westerlund
One Direction singles chronology
“You & I” (2014) “Steal My Girl” (2014) “Night Changes” (2014)

Who Sing Steal My Girl?

One Direction
Steal My Girl/Artists

Did Danny DeVito direct Steal My Girl?

The high-pitched sound heard around the world on Friday was One Direction fans squealing with delight. The U.K. band released their new music video for “Steal My Girl,” and it is quite the production. Danny DeVito plays the singers’ director in the video, who meets them in the middle of the desert to start filming.

How many views does Steal My Girl have?

As of publication time, VEVO has not announced the exact numbers for “Steal My Girl,” but the video had to have been viewed over 19.6 million times in one day’s time to beat the previous record. Just two months ago, Nicki Minaj’s hyper sexy music video for “Anaconda” set the latest VEVO views record with that number.

Where was steal my girl shot?

The students are in two key shots of the video, which was shot in the desert southwest of Palmdale. First, the marching band is seen with One Direction member Liam Payne, who is wearing their drum major jacket.

Why did One Direction wrote steal my girl?

“But it was more of a joyous thing, it just speaks to how happy you are with this person,” Bunetta explained. “If you have something great, everyone is going to try and take it from you. And that also speaks to the fanbase, I think, ’cause of other groups [trying to steal the 1D fanbase] … there are a lot of layers.”

What Makes You Beautiful written by?

Savan Kotecha
Rami YacoubCarl FalkJim JacobsWarren Casey
What Makes You Beautiful/Composers

Where did Steal my Girl by one direction come from?

“Steal My Girl” was performed on the On The Road Again Tour . Since leaving the band, Zayn has expressed discomfort with being framed as “mysterious” (a title card in the beginning of the video describes him as such) saying this was a label forced on him and was untrue of his personality.

Who are the characters in Steal my Girl?

Each band member is given a role to represent (Harry is “love”, Niall is “light”, Liam is “power”, Louis is “danger” and Zayn is “mystery”). Liam is seen smashing a sign reading “inhibition” and leading a marching band. Zayn fights off sumo wrestlers. Louis interacts with a chimp named Eli.

Where did the song Steal my Girl come from?

The lyrics fret over the potential for rivals to take the group’s girlfriends away from them, and why they matter to them. “Steal My Girl” was a top 20 hit in the USA, peaking at #13. It reached #3 in the UK and #9 in Australia.