Who does Gate Gourmet cater for?

Gategroup is a Swiss company providing services to the travel industry, including catering, onboard retail, food service provisioning, and food logistics. It serves as the parent company for four core brands, and is a supplier to many major airlines….Gategroup.

Type Aktiengesellschaft
Website www.gategroup.com

What does gate gourmet do?

Gate Gourmet is a leading global provider of a full range of catering services for today’s airline industry. At each of our kitchens, the focus is on culinary and operational excellence – and consistently providing the highest quality products and services tailored to strengthen your brand.

Who took over Gate Gourmet?

Texas Pacific Group
In October 2002 Texas Pacific Group (TPG) bought Gate Gourmet from bankrupt SwissAir Group for CHF1 billion (US$675 million) following a highly complex unravelling of the flag carrying airline.

How many employees does Gate Gourmet have?

At gategroup our 27,000 employees work to serve people on the move with their expertise in catering and hospitality; provisioning and logistics; and onboard solutions.

What is Gate group inflight?

gategroup is the leading global airline catering, retail onboard and equipment solutions provider with the largest global network in the aviation industry.

Who supplies food to the airlines?

The companies holding the largest market share in the Airline Catering Services industry include LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet and Flying Food Group LLC.

Who owns LSG Skychef?

Lufthansa Group
LSG Group/Parent organizations

Is Gate Gourmet publicly traded?

Gate Gourmet began in 1992 as the catering arm of Swissair ; it is now part of the publicly traded gategroup .

Is gategroup a good company to work for?

Good company to work for but in need of more management improvements and more chances to take the next step in career. Good workplace culture, nice colleagues. Enjoyed the work done there and had learned a lot, i wanted to have more opportunities.

What is Gate Retail easyJet?

The solution, called Epax, will be available this winter and will offer airline customers a convenient way to access inflight retail services, allowing them to browse, order and buy from inflight retail ranges, all from their own mobile devices.

Does easyJet have wifi onboard?

An easyJet spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “easyJet does not have an in-flight wifi. It appears that this is the name personally set on a device of a customer who is travelling onboard the flight.”

Why is flight food so bad?

As noted by Time, in an August 2017 article by Mahita Ganjanan, “the combination of dry air, low pressure and loud engine noises in flight cabins heavily impact the passengers’ ability to smell and taste.” Indeed stats seem to indicate that people lose a third of their ability to smell and taste things while flying.