Who does Kath Soucie voice?

Kath Soucie is a voice actor known for voicing Princess Sally Acorn, Lola Bunny, and Maddie Fenton. Take a visual walk through their career and see 785 images of the characters they’ve voiced and listen to 44 clips that showcase their performances.

Is Kath Soucie retired?

She currently voices Tuffy Mouse from The Tom and Jerry Show, Perdita from 101 Dalmatians, since 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure (2003), and Ray Ray Lee in The Life and Times of Juniper Lee….

Kath Soucie
Years active 1978–present
Agent AVO Talent

Who plays Phil and Lil rugrats?

Kath SoucieAll Growed Up
Phil and Lil DeVille/Voiced by
Kath Soucie does the voices of Betty, Phil & Lil DeVille on Rugrats.

Who is the voice of Betty DeVille?

Kath SoucieRugrats
Natalie MoralesRugrats
Betty DeVille/Voiced by

Who did the voice for Lola Bunny?

ZendayaSpace Jam: A New Legacy
Kath SoucieSpace JamKristen WiigThe Looney Tunes ShowBritt McKillipBaby Looney TunesRachel RamrasLooney Tunes: Rabbits Run
Lola Bunny/Voiced by
‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ cast explains the movie in 24 seconds. Zendaya is ready to jam. The Emmy-wining Euphoria actress voices the “badass” Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy, which finds LeBron James pulled into the Warner Bros.

Did Phil and Lil have a dad?

Howard DeVille (born March 22, 1958) is Betty’s husband, and father to Phil and Lil in the original series.

How old is Angelica Pickles now?

‘Rugrats’ Profile: Angelica Pickles

Angelica Charlotte Pickles
Gender Female
Birth Date May 12, 1988 (Rugrats 1991) May 12, 2018 (Rugrats 2021)
Age 3 (Rugrats; both original and revived versions) 4 (Pre-School Daze) 12 (All Grown Up pilot and All Grown Up! before “Lucky 13”) 13 (All Grown Up! after “Lucky 13”)
Race Human

Is Buttercup the same voice as Tommy Pickles?

You may think you’re not familiar with the work of actress EG Daily, but if you grew up watching ’90s cartoons you definitely are. Daily was the voice of Tommy Pickles on Rugrats, as well as Buttercup on The Powerpuff Girls.

When did Christine Cavanaugh start doing Dexter’s laboratory?

Also in 1995, Cavanaugh started doing the voice of boy-genius Dexter on Dexter’s Laboratory, which began as a short under Cartoon Network ‘s What a Cartoon! show, and later became the first short to be adapted into its own series for Cartoon Network.

Who is the voice of Gosalyn Mallard on Rugrats?

In 1991, Cavanaugh voiced Gosalyn Mallard, the title character’s adopted daughter on Disney ‘s Darkwing Duck as well as Chuckie Finster on the Nickelodeon cartoon Rugrats, and later in 1994, Oblina on Aaahh!!! Real Monsters . Cavanaugh could also be heard on The Critic as the voice of Marty, Jay Sherman’s son.

Who is the voice of Chuckie Finster in Rugrats?

She was the original voice of Chuckie Finster in Nickelodeon ‘s Rugrats and the voices of Gosalyn Mallard in Darkwing Duck, Bunnie Rabbot from the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday-morning cartoon on ABC, Oblina in Aaahh!!! Real Monsters and the titular characters from Babe and Cartoon Network ‘s Dexter’s Laboratory .

Who is the voice of Marty in Sonic the Hedgehog?

Real Monsters . Cavanaugh could also be heard on The Critic as the voice of Marty, Jay Sherman’s son. Her voice credits also include the animated series Sonic the Hedgehog, 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Hercules: The Animated Series, The Powerpuff Girls, The Wild Thornberrys, and Recess, as well as the voice of Birdie in McDonald’s commercials.