Who first sang All About That Bass?

Meghan Trainor
All About That Bass

“All About That Bass”
Label Epic
Songwriter(s) Meghan Trainor Kevin Kadish
Producer(s) Kevin Kadish
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When did the song All About That Bass come out?

All About That Bass/Released

Who is the boy in all about that bass?

Sione Kelepi, the hefty male dancer who appears throughout “All About That Bass,” was discovered online by the choreographer Fatima Robinson (who had recently finished the video of Pharrell Williams’s self-empowerment anthem, “Happy”).

How did the song All About That Bass come about?

Kadish played a drum beat while Trainor sang the hook, “I’m all about that bass, ’bout the bass, no treble”. Kadish and Trainor wanted to incorporate influences of 1950s doo-wop, a genre Trainor found catchy, into the song, which they wrote within 40 minutes.

Is the song All About That Bass on Just Dance Now?

The song title is referenced in a playlist in Just Dance Now where All About That Bass is featured. Classic. The routine uses some of the moves from the music video. The background and the backup dancers are inspired by the music video, too. The coach’s glove sometimes glitches out, becoming purplish-orange or orange-purple.

When did all about that bass by Trainor come out?

Epic Records released the song for digital download in several countries on June 30, 2014, as Trainor’s debut single, and serviced it to radio stations in the United States on the following day. In the United Kingdom, it became available to stream on August 14, and for download on September 28.

Is there an alternate version of all about that bass?

An alternate version of “All About That Bass” was re-recorded by Trainor, with more family-friendly lyrics of her choice, for its impact date on Radio Disney in the United States. Trainor and Kadish agreed to the alternate version of “All About That Bass” on the condition that it be relegated to Radio Disney and not be made available for purchase.