Who has the GTA speed run record?

The record for the Classic Speedrun (Any%) is currently held by burhac, who has been able to beat his own record multiple times. The record time currently is 5h 56m 47s, which burhac recorded four months ago.

How long does it take to speedrun GTA 5?

As for the nine-hour time posted by UnNameD, it takes the average player about 31.5 hours to beat GTA 5’s main story, while top-tier speedrunners can do it in about 3.3 hours with mission skips.

What is the fastest speedrun of the Cayo Perico heist?

The first place for the fastest speedrun goes to Cloaked_Ghillie from USA . This speedrun was completed in 19 minutes and 35 seconds. The player took first position on the leaderboard four weeks ago. He has a few other runs for this heist, which were completed in under 27 minutes.

What is the fastest GTA speedrun?

Record for the fastest speedrun of GTA 5 The Classic% Speedrun record for GTA 5 is currently 6:03:27 hours, held by burhac, as seen here on YouTube.

How long do you have to wait to do the Cayo Perico?

48 minutes
Once the player spawns back into free mode they have 48 minutes (real time) from completion of the previous heist to trigger a new heist to activate Hard Mode. Note that exiting the game does not freeze the timer.

What is the fastest someone has beaten GTA 5?

The Classic% Speedrun record for GTA 5 is currently 6:03:27 hours, held by burhac, as seen here on YouTube. Speedrunners try to manipulate the game code to skip entire areas in games that have specific levels, but an open-world game like GTA 5 can be extremely tough to manipulate.

Is GTA story mode or online better?

The Shooting/Stealth/Lung Capacity/Strength stats have a lot more say in GTA Online than they would in Story Mode. While the effects of having higher stats in those areas might not be that noticeable at first, they make a heck of a difference in PvP modes.

Are there speed runners in GTA 5 story mode?

Recently, a speed runner took on Grand Theft Auto 5. Speed running is arguably an art form. It is a performance, with the best-known speedrunners broadcasting or recording their efforts to beat records by even milliseconds.

What’s the fastest time to finish GTA 5?

ToriksLV, the speedrunner who set the most recent record, cut that down to a tenth. In his 100% speedrun, he managed to finish the game in 10 hours, 15 minutes and 44 seconds, beating the previous record of 10 hours, 29 minutes and 33 seconds. In that time, he completed absolutely everything there is to complete in GTA 5’s single-player mode.

Is it possible to speed run GTA IV?

This is not allowed. If the current day is Wednesday when the player decides to start a new attempt, the game will begin on Wednesday. This is allowed. The GTA IV Speedrunning Community abides by the current World Anti-Doping Agency prohibited substances/methods list.

How to run Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

• Any save files loaded must be made during the run. • The Frame Limiter needs to be set to ON in the advanced graphics options for the duration. • All modifications besides the ones listed here ( https://www.speedrun.com/gtasa/thread/ar4sg) are banned. • Using OS functions to affect the game in an unintended way during the run is prohibited.