Who is better Russell Wilson or Cam Newton?

According to NFL Next Gen Stats, metrics charted since 2016, Newton’s top speed in a game was 20.6 mph, while Wilson’s was 19.02 mph….Who’s got the greatest show?

Cam Newton Russell Wilson
905 Career rushes 616
4,674 Rushing yards 3,502
58 Rush TDs 16
5.2 Average YPC 5.7

What is Cam Newton’s record against Russell Wilson?

Newton is 2-6 in his career against Wilson and the Seahawks, including the playoffs.

Has Russell Wilson ever missed a game?

You guessed it. Russell Wilson has started 144 out of a possible 144 regular season games. The closest we’ve seen to him potentially missing a game occurred in 2016 when he sprained his ankle on opening day and then sprained his MCL two weeks later.

Was Russell Wilson ever hurt?

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson suffers an injury on a sack for a loss of 4 yards. Wilson returns to the field after sitting out for just one play.

Is Russell Wilson a rushing QB?

Among quarterbacks with at least 3,400 career rushing yards (10 signal callers total), Wilson is number one in passer rating at 102.4 and Steve Young is a distant second at 96.8. Among the top 10 rushing quarterbacks, he also is one of just three, along with Elway and Young, that have won a Super Bowl.

Who is the current NFL Iron Man?

Brett Favre
Iron man leaderboard

League Type Player
NBA Games played A. C. Green
NFL Starts at the quarterback position Brett Favre
NFL Starts at any position Brett Favre
NFL Games played Jeff Feagles

What NFL quarterback has started the most games?

Brett Favre holds the record for most consecutive starts by a quarterback….All-time consecutive starts streaks.

Rank 1
Quarterback Brett Favre
Streak start 9/27/1992
Streak end 12/5/2010

Who is the longest starting quarterback in the NFL?

Brett Favre holds the record for most consecutive starts by a quarterback.

What NFL player has the most consecutive starts?