Who is Cassie in the second series of skins?

Cassie in Series 2 In the second series, Cassie is in a long-distance relationship with Sid; the relationship becomes strained when Sid begins to think Cassie has been unfaithful. After Sid’s father Mark dies, Sid travels to Scotland to meet her as Cassie simultaneously travels back to Bristol to meet Sid.

Which is the ninth episode of Skins series 2?

“Cassie” is the ninth episode of Series 2 and the 18th episode overall. This episode primarily focuses on Cassie Ainsworth and her dealing with her relationship with Sid Jenkins and her friendships with Michelle Richardson and Chris Miles .

Why did Sid break up with Cassie in skins?

Sid breaks up with Cassie over a misunderstanding. Mark is victimized by Alex and brother Sandy until he stands up to them, ordering them to leave. He regrets being cruel to Sid, realizing that’s how his father always treated him. He dies of an apparent heart attack that night and Sid discovers his body the next morning.

What was substituted for music in Episode 2 of skins?

Many of the music tracks featured in this episode have been substituted for alternative tracks either for the BBC America airing or for both the US and UK home media release of Series 2 .

What happens in the second episode of skins?

The titular second episode of the first series and the penultimate episode of the second series focus on Cassie; the former focuses on her mental state and the latter focuses on her relationship with roommate Chris Miles.

Who is Chris Miles best friend in skins?

Chris Miles (best friend) Cassandra “Cassie” Ainsworth is a fictional character from the television series Skins, portrayed by Hannah Murray.

How did Cassie get Sid’s virginity in skins?

At the beginning of the first series, Cassie is recently discharged from hospital after a suicide attempt off-screen. Her best friend Michelle Richardson arranges for her to take Sid Jenkins ‘ virginity at a party.