Who is in the bear suit in how I met your mother?

Trevor Hudson
Trevor Hudson is a bear. He was the ring bearer at Barney and Robin’s Wedding.

Which episode does Stella watch Starwars?

Do I Know You?

“Do I Know You?”
Production code 4ALH01
Original air date September 22, 2008
Guest appearances
Sarah Chalke as Stella Heidi Herschbach as April

What is Ted Mosbys favorite Star Wars movie?

and Ted finds out that Stella has never seen Star Wars, his favorite movie of all time. Marshall is shocked when he learns this, saying that “nobody” hasn’t seen Star Wars. They end up watching it and Ted concludes that it is the best movie ever and that if Stella dislikes it, he cannot marry her.

Who is Max Himym?

Max was a former boyfriend of Tracy McConnell. They were dating around the time of the Pilot, before his death. He was The Mother’s first love. After his death, Tracy didn’t date anyone for 7 years until she met Louis.

When did Barney and Robin get married?

Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)

Barney and Robin
Started Dating Definitions
Break up The Rough Patch
Engaged The Final Page – Part Two
Married 25 May 2013 The End of the Aisle

How do you meet your mother cast?

Cast and characters

  1. Main cast.
  2. Josh Radnor. Ted Mosby.
  3. Jason Segel. Marshall Eriksen.
  4. Cobie Smulders. Robin Scherbatsky.
  5. Neil Patrick Harris. Barney Stinson.
  6. Alyson Hannigan. Lily Aldrin.
  7. Cristin Milioti. Tracy McConnell.

Who is Wendy the waitress on how I met your mother?

Charlene Amoia
Charlene Amoia. Charlene M. Amoia (born September 25, 1982) is an American actress. She is best known for her recurring role as Wendy the Waitress in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Why did Lily leave Marshall?

Lily broke their engagement to pursue a career as an artist, a dream that was never really supported by her actual talent, leaving Marshall devastated. Later, the debts she ran up shopping pushed Marshall into corporate law, delaying his return to environmental law.

Why did Tracy reject Louis?

The reason why Tracy rejected Louis’ proposal was that she never moved on from Max. Rather than a typical breakup, Tracy’s relationship with Max ended because he tragically passed away on her 21st birthday. She couldn’t fully let go of Max and didn’t start dating again until seven years after his death.

Who are the main characters in how I met your mother?

Cast table Character Portrayed by Season Season Season 1 2 3 4 5 Main Characters Main Characters Main Characters Main Characters Main Characters Ted Mosby Josh Radnor Main Main Main Marshall Eriksen Jason Segel Main Main Main

Who are the parents of Ted Mosby in how I met your mother?

Ted grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio with parents Virginia Mosby, Alfred Mosby, and sister Heather Mosby. He is an architect who graduated from Wesleyan University, where he met Marshall and Lily.

Who was the actor who played Marvin on how I met your mother?

Marvin has been played by twins, and several actors have been credited as playing him; Jake Elliott, August Maturo and Spencer Ralston have played the part of Marvin during various flashforwards.

Who was the actress who played Katie’s sister on how I met your mother?

Played by Lucy Hale; appears in 2 episodes from “First Time in New York” to “Vesuvius”. Katie visits Robin (her sister) in New York and Robin reacts badly when she discovers Katie is planning to lose her virginity to a boy named Kyle. Bustle ranked her second in a list of best guest stars in the series.