Who is Lady Hillingdon?

Alice Marion (née Harbord), Lady Hillingdon.

When to pruning Lady Hillingdon Climbing Rose?

Spring and fall are good times for pruning, though deadheading of repeat bloomers like “Lady Hillingdon Climbing” can take place as the flowers fade. Always use sharp shears or clippers for both pruning and deadheading.

How do I prune a Maigold Rose?

From late autumn to late winter, pop on a pair of tough gloves and remove any dead, damaged or weak-looking stems. Tie in new stems and shorten the side shoots of any flowered stems by up to two thirds. When the plants become congested, remove one or two of the oldest stems, cutting them right back to their base.

When I hear his steps outside my door I lie down on my bed open my legs and think of England?

The phrase originated in one Lady Hillingdon’s journal, where she wrote in 1912 that “When I hear his steps outside my door I lie down on my bed, open my legs and think of England.” Whether she was entirely serious is unclear, but since her husband had retired because of his bad health, it’s entirely possible that this …

Why do they say lie back and think of England?

What does close your eyes and think of England mean?

(idiomatic) To accept (rather than fight)—and distract oneself so as to be able to endure—bad or unwanted sex, or by extension any unpleasant but inevitable experience.

Who said just close your eyes and think of England?

Queen Victoria
Supposedly, Queen Victoria was asked by one of her newly married daughters about possible carnal activities in the marriage bed. Here are five versions of the response: Just close your eyes and think of England. Shut your eyes tight and think of England.

Did Queen Victoria say close your eyes and think of England?

The expression is sometimes attributed to Queen Victoria. There’s no evidence that Queen Victoria ever uttered the phrase and circumstantial evidence points entirely the other way as she loved her husband deeply, was an enthusiastic sexual partner and the couple had nine children.

How long will a climbing rose take to grow?

about two to three years
Typically it takes climbing roses about two to three years to become well established and reach full height. Correctly pruning your climbing roses will encourage the development or strong new shoots to replace older, depleted stems, plus improve the summer flower display.