Who is Olorun Orisha?

Olorun (Yoruba alphabet: Ọlọrun) is the ruler of (or in) the Heavens in the Yoruba religion. The Supreme God or Supreme Being in the Yoruba pantheon, Olorun is also called Olodumare….

King of the Heavens, Supreme King of the Gods, Sky, Earth, Universe
Member of Orisha
Other names Olorun, Olodumare, Olafin-Orun

Who is the supreme god in Yoruba?

The Yoruba people believe that the orishas were sent by Olodumare, who is considered the Supreme God, to populate the Earth. Oshun, being one of the original 17 sent to Earth, was the only female deity. The other gods, all male, failed at their attempts to revive and populate the Earth.

How do you worship Olorun?

Humans do not worship Olorun directly, there are no sacred areas of worship or ordained person. Olorun is outlying, distant and does not partake in human rituals. There are no shrines or sacrifices dedicated directly to him, although followers can send prayers in his direction.

Is Yoruba in Cuba?

How Yoruba culture came to Cuba. While not all the slaves brought to Cuba were Yoruba, their culture emerged as one of the strongest largely because they found a way to incorporate the Catholic saints in their own tradition, allowing them to continue to practice openly under Spanish colonial rule.

What is the religion of Yoruba?

Many Yoruba are now Christians or Muslims, but aspects of their traditional religion survive. The traditional Yoruba religion has an elaborate hierarchy of deities, including a supreme creator and some 400 lesser gods and spirits, most of whom are associated with their own cults and priests.

Is olorun god?

In the mythology of the Yoruba people of West Africa, Olorun is the most powerful and wisest god. The all-knowing Olorun takes an active role in the affairs of both heaven and earth.

What did Yoruba call God?

Oba t’o mu ‘banuje tan — The Lord that can end all sorrow. Oba t’o san gbogbo ‘gbese wa — The Lord that bears the price of our sins. Oba t’o se’gun agbara ese — The Lord that delivers us from sin. Oba t’o ti wa, t’o si wa, ti o si ma wa lailai — God was, is, and always will be.

What is the religion in Cuba?

Cuba’s prevailing religion is Christianity, primarily Roman Catholicism, although in some instances it is profoundly modified and influenced through syncretism.

Is Yoruba older than Christianity?

Yoruba culture and religion date back 5,000 years to West Nigeria. With the resurgence of West African culture in the United States, the ancient religion and language of the Yoruba have enjoyed a comeback in this country, Canada and the Caribbean. Yoruban religion is centuries older than Christianity.

Where are the Yoruba people in the Niger Delta?

Adjacent to the Ebira and Edo groups are the related Igala people found in the northeast, on the left bank of the Niger River. To the southwest are the Gbe speaking Mahi, Egun, Fon and Ewe who border Yoruba communities in Benin and Togo. To the southeast are Itsekiri who live in the north-west end of the Niger delta.

Who was the first people to live in Yorubaland?

As of the 7th century BCE the African peoples who lived in Yorubaland were not initially known as the Yoruba, although they shared a common ethnicity and language group. By the 8th century, a powerful kingdom already existed in Ile-Ife, one of the earliest in Africa.

Why do Yoruba say Olorun is under lashes of God?

Olorun created the universe, appointed night and day, arranged the seasons, and fixed the destiny of men. When ever a misfortune befalls a bad person, the Yoruba say ‘he is under the lashes of god’. Death was his creation too.

Who is the Supreme Being in Yoruba mythology?

In Yoruba cosmology, Olodumare or Olorun is the Supreme Being whose supremacy is absolute. Olodumare is acknowledged by all divinities as unique and pre-eminent. The divinities called orisha (orisa) are offspring of Olodumare and are believed to be ministers and functionaries in the universe.