Who is Shekhar Suman father?

Phani Bhushan Prasad
Shekhar Suman/Fathers

Where is Shekhar Suman from?

Patna, India
Shekhar Suman/Place of birth

Who is the daughter of Shekhar Suman?

Shekhar Suman
Occupation Actor
Years active 1984–present
Spouse(s) Alka Suman ​ ( m. 1983)​
Children Adhyayan Suman

How old is Shekhar Suman?

58 years (December 7, 1962)
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Who is Adhyayan Suman girlfriend?

Maera Mishra
Actor Adhyayan Suman’s new music video has been released. It comes on the heels of his confirmation about his relationship with Maera Mishra, his co-star in the video, having ended last year. Adhyayan said in a new interview that he’d be open to working with her again, after Peg Daariya.

Is Shekhar Suman on twitter?

Shekhar Suman (@shekharsuman7) | Twitter.

What does Shekhar Suman do?

Film directorComedianLyricistScreenwriter
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Shekhar Suman is an Indian actor, anchor, producer and director, who debuted with the popular serial Wah! Janaab, and then went on to feature in several shows like Dekh Bhai Dekh, Movers n Shakers, Simply Shekhar, Carry On Shekhar, and also hosted The Great Indian Comedy Show on Star One.

Did Maera Mishra broke up with Adhyayan Suman?

Television actress Maera Mishra and actor Adhyayan Suman parted ways in March, earlier this year, after being in a 2-year-long relationship. Recently, the actress spoke about her breakup and revealed that she was very serious about the relationship but things didn’t work out between them.

Why Adhyayan Suman and Maera Mishra broke up?

But, I will not make it public for sure!” Maera says she has learned one thing from her relationship and that is not to introduce her friends to her boyfriend. “The reason for the breakup was the communication gap between us and I still miss him.

What happened to Shekhar Suman son Aayush?

Shekhar Suman is remembering his older son Aayush Suman on his birth anniversary on Saturday. The actor and his wife, Alka, lost their son when he was just 11 years old due to a heart disease. “With my elder son Aayush on the sets of my second film after Utsav at the film city.

How old is Shekhar Suman in real life?

Shekhar Suman (born 7 December 1962) is an Indian film actor, anchor, producer, director, and singer.

Which is the first film of Shekhar Suman?

Filmography Year Film Role 2017 Bhoomi Arun’s Friend 2014 Heartless Doctor (also director) 2011 Chaloo Police Sherkhan 2004 Ek Se Badhkar Ek Anand Mathur

Who is the father of Adhyayan Suman?

Shekhar Suman (father) Adhyayan Suman (born 13 January 1988) is an Indian actor and singer who appears in Hindi language films. He debuted in 2008 with Haal–e–dil. His second film was Raaz – The Mystery Continues was a semi-hit. Suman’s was praised for his performance in the 2009 Mukesh Bhatt film Jashnn.

Which is the latest film of Adhyayan Suman?

Suman’s latest release was his father Shekhar Suman’s directorial venture Heartless. A film based on romantic medical thriller and also explored the sensitive topic of anaesthesia and its awareness.