Who is the best father for Inigo?

Inigo can also be a good Sniper, although Chrom, Stahl and Virion are preferable fathers if you wish Inigo to be a Sniper since they pass better physical modifiers.

Does Cherche have a child?

Cherche is recruited automatically at the start of Chapter 12. She is the first default wyvern rider in the game, with the second being her son Gerome if she marries.

How do I recruit Inigo?

Inigo will be recruited and controllable once Chrom or Olivia speaks to him. After the chapter is completed, Inigo will receive items if he defeated some of the enemies. Inigo must defeat at least 5 enemies to obtain all items.

Who is Inigo’s dad Fire Emblem?

Inigo’s Stat Caps Depending on the Father

Parent HP Skl
Stahl [Mercenary] 60 31
Virion [Mercenary] 60 32
Chrom [Hero] 80 49
Kellam [Hero] 80 49

How do you get Minerva in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon?

Minerva actually makes her first appearance in Chapter 8 as an enemy but retreats after awhile not actually attacking your characters unless you attack her. She is recruitable in chapter 10 only after you rescue her sister from enemy forces which was her reason for joining with them in the first place.

How old is NOWI?

1,000 years old
Nowi is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening. Nowi is a Manakete of an unknown origin or tribe who is over 1,000 years old in human years.

Who is the best father for Gerome Fire Emblem Awakening?

I would argue that this is Gerome’s best father because Frederick can make him one of the best supporters OR a potential Frontliners. In terms of notable mods, a +5 ATK is the most beautiful mod he gets with a +4 DEF trailing not so far behind.

Who are the Brotherhood members in Fire Emblem Awakening?

A vicious member of the Brotherhood that wields the Fists of Fire. Vaike, Stahl and Henry!Gerome also give Gerome access to Assassin, which is generally considered superior to Sniper for support. Something else I might add for Frederick!Gerome would be using him as a General with Pavise/Aegis and healing.

What kind of MOD does Gerome get in awakening?

In terms of notable mods, a +5 ATK is the most beautiful mod he gets with a +4 DEF trailing not so far behind. While -3 SPD is pretty bad, pair-ups and rallies can make it so that Gerome doesn’t get doubled. In classes, he gets the Knight and Cavelier line, which means the Pavise/Aegis combo is available.

Which is better child 6 Gerome or dread fighter?

Gerome, but is just as potent. +4 ATK and +3 DEF is pretty good and a +1 MAG means that a Dread Fighter supporter is a little more viable. In terms of skills, he gets Anathema and Axefaire. There isn’t much else to write home about, but it is still a solid pairing.