Who is the best friend of GOT7 Yugyeom?

Yugyeom and his fellow GOT7 bandmate Mark share the same tattoo as well. It is no secret that Yugyeom and Jungkook are best friends and as the adage goes ‘Those who ink together, stay together’.

What is GOT7 Yugyeom nickname?

Some of Yugyeom’s nicknames include Gyeom Brown and Brownie. He originates from Namyangju, South Korea. He specializes in house dance. Yugyeom had been enrolled in a dance school in the seventh grade, and that was what led him to an opportunity of auditioning for JYP Entertainment.

What is the most popular ship in GOT7?

2Jae (JB × Youngjae) 15%, 11813 votes.

  • JinSon (Jackson × Jinyoung) 13%, 10297 votes.
  • JJ (JB × Jinyoung) 11%, 8936 votes.
  • YoungSon (Jackson × Youngjae) 10%, 8474 votes.
  • MarkSon (Mark × Jackson) 10%, 8221 vote.
  • MarkJin (Mark × Jinyoung) 8%, 6858 votes.
  • YugBam (BamBam × Yugyeom) 8%, 6716 votes.
  • Why is GOT7 Yugyeom leaving JYP?

    A look at how the band could breakup: ‘7 or never’ Yugyeom of GOT7 is reportedly leaving JYP Entertainment this year after his exclusive JYP Contract expires. The K-pop superstar is supposedly joining Jay Park’s Hip-hop based label AOMG.

    Who is best friend of Lisa?

    Lisa’s idol best friend is Minnie from (G)I-DLE. Both girls have a lot in common. Like Lisa, Minnie is also Thai and 23 years of age.

    Who is the most popular ship in ITZY?

    JinLia (Lia × Ryujin) 26%, 22844 votes.

  • RyuJi (Yeji × Ryujin) 22%, 20079 votes.
  • YeLia (Yeji × Lia) 14%, 12601 vote.
  • RyuNa (Ryujin × Yuna) 9%, 7937 votes.
  • ChaeRyu (Ryujin × Chaeryeong) 8%, 6850 votes.
  • ChaeLia (Lia × Chaeryeong) 7%, 6483 votes.
  • ChaeJi (Yeji × Chaeryeong) 5%, 4144 votes.
  • YuLia (Lia × Yuna) 4%, 3582 votes.
  • Who died in GOT7?

    Choi Jin-young
    Born November 17, 1970 Seoul, South Korea
    Died March 29, 2010 (aged 39) Seoul, South Korea
    Cause of death Suicide by hanging
    Other names SKY

    Is GOT7 going to disband?

    Is Got7 Disband? Yes! Got7 has disbanded on 19th January 2021. This popular South Korean group has parted ways with JYP Entertainment and its label has come to an end after 7 years in January 2021.