Who is the best soccer team in the USA?

Updated after matches played on 26 September 2021

Rank Club / Country Points
1 Seattle Sounders FC United States 1470
2 New York City FC United States 1436
3 New England Revolution United States 1435
4 Los Angeles FC United States 1429

What are the top 3 soccer teams?

Updated after matches played on 26 September 2021

Rank Club / Country Points
1 Bayern München Germany 2082
2 Manchester City England 1991
3 Real Madrid Spain 1971
4 Chelsea FC England 1950

Who has the best soccer team in the world?

Here are the 50 best teams in world football currently according to the supercomputer.

Rank Team SPI
1 Manchester City 92.4
2 Bayern Munich 90.7
3 Chelsea 90.5
4 Barcelona 90.1

Who is the Number 1 team in soccer?

World Football / Soccer Rankings

Rk Team Record
1 Brazil 48-6-13
2 Belgium 50-8-10
3 Spain 39-6-23
4 France 52-7-15

What state has the best youth soccer?

There are many factors that influence these numbers {including NCAA rules and regulations} but the best youth soccer is played in California, hands down. Followed by New Jersey & DC, which produce the most National Team players for both male and female teams year after year.

What is the best state for soccer?

Numbers-wise, California produces the most professionals total, but your chances of getting noticed are higher in Washington, Missouri, Oregon, New Jersey and Hawaii; states that (apparently) love soccer and have a smaller population to contend with.

Which state is best for soccer?

Where soccer is most popular?

Today, soccer remains most popular in the countries where it first took root – Northern and Southern Europe, and Central and South America. It also has an avid following in Africa.

Who has the best high school soccer team?

High School Soccer Rankings

# School Rating
1 St. Ignatius (Cleveland) 33.6
2 Fishers 28.4
3 Noblesville 28.1
4 Carmel Christian (Matthews) 25.8

What are the best soccer teams?


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  • England – 1966​.
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  • What is the greatest soccer team of all time?

    Yep, it’s official. The current Spain squad is the greatest national soccer team of all time. And it’s not just because they won three consecutive major tournaments in an era where doing so is more difficult than it used to be.

    What professional soccer teams are in the USA?

    Chattanooga Red Wolves SC

  • Fort Lauderdale CF
  • Forward Madison FC
  • Greenville Triumph SC
  • New England Revolution II
  • North Texas SC
  • Union Omaha
  • Richmond Kickers
  • South Georgia Tormenta FC
  • Toronto FC II
  • Who is the United States soccer federation?

    The United States Soccer Federation ( USSF ), commonly referred to as U.S. Soccer, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the official governing body of the sport of soccer in the United States. With headquarters in Chicago, the FIFA member governs U.S.