Who is the designer on design on a dime?

By combining cost-saving ideas, clever design solutions and amazing transformations that will appeal to the viewer with a sophisticated sensibility, designer Casey Noble shares her secrets for making any space look like you spent a fortune. Your favorite shows, personalities and exclusive originals.

What to build on a dime on HGTV?

Build an elegant, custom headboard featuring glazed, textured wallpaper. Build an elegant, custom headboard featuring glazed, textured wallpaper. Create this glass-topped coffee table that contains a working waterfall! Cover foam tubes with bed sheets to make matching bed bolsters.

What did Drew and Naz have on design on a dime?

Drew and Naz have a great looking home except for one glaring exception: their master bedroom. It is the one room that has been completely ignored. The room boasts great details like a

What does Tamer want on design on a dime?

Tamer has always dreamed of owning a house with a view of the Hollywood sign and he finally got it. Now he wants the interior of his house to be as inspiring as the view, starting with his

What to do on a dime on HGTV?

Go industrial and cover a custom computer desk with vinyl floor covering. A fresh coastal look washes new life onto a colorless guest room. Kitchen updates don’t have to blow the budget; the pros share their best penny-pinching tricks. The experts at HGTV Magazine go yard-sale shopping.

What do you need to know about micro content?

Micro content conveys shreds of information that answer a specific question or leave an impression on the audience in a short period of time, which is entirely necessary for today’s audiences. The average reader’s attention span is 8 seconds, which is worse than a goldfish’s.

What are some examples of micro content on social media?

Brands can use various micro content mediums on social media to get their audience’s attention. These formats include: Custom illustrations or photos that convey some sort of quick tip or fun fact. GIFs. Memes. Pithy, shareable one-liners. An interesting statistic. Videos. Here’s an appetizing example on Instagram, courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s: