Who is the director of the stick figure movie?

Hertzfeldt is known for making sick, hilarious shorts films about endless dental procedures and balloons that turn on toddlers. As those descriptions suggest, his earlier shorts, which might be described as Looney Tunes directed by Franz Kafka, aren’t for everyone.

Who are the actors in Dick Figures the movie?

Comments Share Dick Figures: The Movie is a 2013 American independent animated buddy-action-adventure fantasy comedy film produced at the small business Six Point Harness animation studio and distributed by Mondo Media. The film was written, directed by, and starring Ed Skudder & Zack Keller.

How to make a stick figure in Minecraft?

Stick figures on a computer find a Minecraft cube. Sticks, blowing eachother to pieces as usual! Play Video Playing… God of War 2’s theme completely translated to the finest detail. ( In a funny way! ) Two mages against eachother! Triple shot guns and aliens, the chase continues! Play Video Playing… More sticks blowing eachother to pieces!

Who are the stickmen in Newgrounds Newgrounds?

Stickmen do battle again! A killer does what he does best. Some crazy gunblazing stick action. Stick figures crossed with DBZ, the Matrix, and other cool stuff equals this great battle! Play Video Playing…

What did Tom and Jerry say in Dick Figures?

The film referenced Tom & Jerry, since Red and Blue used fake names “Tom” and Captain Crookygrin asked them to take out the Ninjas while calling them “Jerrys” In the anime scene, When Lord Tourrettes said “FUCK YOU”, it sounds exactly like Robot Frog.

Is there going to be a Dick Figures sequel?

In October 2014, Mondo Media announced that a sequel to Dick Figures: The Movie is being produced by Home Plate Entertainment’s Bill Schultz, a 4-time Emmy Award winner, who is also producing a Happy Tree Friends and Deep Space 69 movies. It’s unknown if the original crew is returning for the sequel.