Who is the lady with pink hair on TBN?

Jan Crouch

Janice Crouch
Born Janice Wendell BethanyMarch 14, 1939 New Brockton, Alabama, U.S.
Died May 31, 2016 (aged 77) Orlando, Florida, U.S.
Occupation Co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network
Title Vice President and Director of Network Programming/TBN, Director/CEO of Holy Land Experience

Is Jan from TBN still alive?

Deceased (1939–2016)
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What killed Paul Crouch?

Paul Crouch/Cause of death

Who was Jan Crouch’s husband?

Paul Crouchm. 1957–2013
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Where is Jan Crouch buried?

Pacific View Memorial Park, Newport Beach
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Who is over TBN?

It also owns several other religious networks outside the United States, including international versions of its five U.S. networks. Matt Crouch is currently TBN’s president and head of operations.

Who are the new owners of TBN?

Today, TBN is led by one of their sons, Matthew Crouch. Earlier this year, the organization announced it had sold its opulent 65,000-square-foot Costa Mesa headquarters to a commercial real estate firm.

What is Paul Crouch Jr doing now?

In his current position, Crouch serves as chairman and chief studio designer for Cinemills Corporation. Cinemills provides studio facilities and designs, manufactures and supplies lighting equipment for motion pictures, television and still photography.

Where is Paul Crouch buried?

Pacific View Mortuary & Memorial Park, Newport Beach, California, United States
Pacific View Memorial Park, Newport Beach
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What was wrong with Jan Crouch?

Jan Crouch, co-founder of one of the world’s larger Christian broadcasting networks, died early Tuesday of a massive stroke at 78 — before a truce could be called in her family’s painfully public civil war.

Did TBN go off the air?

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is an international Christian-based broadcast television network and the world’s largest religious television network. TBN was headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, until March 3, 2017, when it sold its highly visible office park, Trinity Christian City.

How old is Laurie Crouch?

58 years (14 August 1963)
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