Who is the mom of Inigo Pascual?

Donnabelle Lazaro
Iñigo Pascual/Mothers

Does Piolo Pascual have a son?

Iñigo Pascual
Piolo Pascual/Sons

How old is Piolo Pascual now?

44 years (January 12, 1977)
Piolo Pascual/Age

Who is Inigo Pascual father?

Piolo Pascual
Iñigo Pascual/Fathers

Who is Inigo Pascual ex girlfriend?

INIGO PASCUAL – Kapamilya actor Inigo Pascual ex-girlfriend Kelley Day revelations about him and their relationship surface online. Kelley Day is formerly a member of GirlTrends in “It’s Showtime“, the group counterpart of the HashTags.

Is Inigo Pascual full Filipino?

Early life. Iñigo Pascual was born on September 14, 1997 in the Philippines. At the age of 17, he moved back to the Philippines to pursue his career in entertainment.

Who is Piolo Pascual dating 2020?

Piolo Pascual confirms exclusively dating Shaina Magdayao.

Is Piolo Pascual pure Filipino?

Piolo Pascual is a Filipino film and television muti-awarded actor, singer, model, and producer. Pascual is a member of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic. Piolo Pascual is a Born-Again Evangelical Christian. In his personal testimony, he shared, “I was at the top of my career when I surrendered my life to God.

Did Maris and Inigo break up?

But here’s the rub: there was no breakup because Maris and Iñigo were never an item in the first place, not in real life anyway. Iñigo said the same thing. “We were never officially ‘on’,” he clarified. “We never reached a point na naging kami.

Why did Maris and Inigo break up?

“He wouldn’t want to keep being the cause of other people’s heartbreaks,” Piolo explained. After publicly admitting in 2017 that they were exclusively dating, Maris and Iñigo (MarNigo) are now saying that they have decided to pursue different paths.

How tall is Inigo Pascual in feet?

1.75 m
Iñigo Pascual/Height

Who is Shaina Magdayao sister?

Vina Morales
Sheila MagdayaoSheryl Magdayao
Shaina Magdayao/Sisters

Who is the mother of Piolo Pascual’s ex girlfriend?

Iñigo Pascual‘s mom Donna Lazaro, the ex-girlfriend of hunk actor Piolo Pascual finally had her first TV appearance. For several years since Iñigo came her to the Philippines from the US, his mother has been aloof from the media.

What did Donna Lazaro say about Piolo Pascual?

At first, Piolo Pascal was against it but Donna Lazaro talked to him to let their son try show business. Donna also expressed her promise to her son that she will continue to support him while Iñigo said how thankful he is to have his mom by his side.

Who is the mother of Inigo Pascual’s mother?

For several years since Iñigo came her to the Philippines from the US, his mother has been aloof from the media. On the other hand, during the recent episode of the Kapamiya morning talk show, Magandang Buhay, mommy Donna shared her time.