Who is the Prince of tennis in the anime?

Meet Ryoma Echizen, the cocky prince of tennis. He comes to Japan from America where he is known as the Prince of Tennis – but that is no surprise considering he is the son of the former tennis pro, Nanjiroh Echizen, otherwise known as the Samurai!

How many episodes of the Prince of tennis are there?

List of The Prince of Tennis episodes. 1 Intraschool Ranking arc. Main article: Intraschool Ranking arc. Episode #. Title. Filler. 1. A Prince Appears. 2. Samurai Junior. 3. The Seigaku 2 Tokyo District Preliminary arc. 3 Seigaku Training arc.

How old is Ryoma in Prince of tennis?

Story: The Prince of Tennis anime is primarily about one Echizen Ryoma, the twelve year old son of retired tennis pro Echizen Nanjiro. Ryoma’s main goal in life is to one day defeat his father in a tennis match, a seemingly impossible task.

Where does the Prince of tennis take place?

Prince of Tennis manages to take a simple concept – a high school tennis tournament – and transforms it into a wonderfully flamboyant and comedic romp into the world of sport. Prince of Tennis follows the Seigaku Tennis Club and its bid to make it to the Junior National Tournament Finals.

Who is the creator of the Prince of tennis?

The episodes of The Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様, Tenisu no Ōjisama) anime series created by Takeshi Konomi are directed by Takayuki Hamana, animated by Trans Arts, and co-produced by Nihon Ad Systems, J.C.Staff, and Production I.G. The anime is an adaptation of Konomi’s Prince of Tennis Japanese manga series.

List of The Prince of Tennis episodes. It spanned a total of six episodes that are spread across three DVDs, the last of which being released on January 25, 2008. The third and final installment in the National OVA series contains seven episodes spread across four DVDs released from April 25, 2008 to January 23, 2009.

How did Takeshi Momoshiro stop the Prince of tennis?

Takeshi Momoshiro, one of the team’s regulars, puts a stop to it and decides to play Ryoma in a tennis match. Noticing that Momoshiro has a bad ankle, Ryoma decides not to play with his dominant hand.