Who is the suspected mastermind behind the killing in Sorry, Wrong Number?

The suspense and frustration build to a frenzied climax as Leona discovers that she herself is the intended target of the murder and that her husband is the mastermind of the plot. Sorry, Wrong Number first gained attention as a 22-minute radio play that starred Agnes Moorehead.

Was Sorry, Wrong Number real?

Sorry, Wrong Number is a 1948 American thriller film noir directed by Anatole Litvak, and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster. It was based on Lucille Fletcher’s 1943 radio play….

Sorry, Wrong Number
Box office $2,850,000 (U.S. rentals)

What is the message of the story Sorry, Wrong Number?

The moral of “Sorry, Wrong Number,” which came to the Paramount yesterday, is that you should never leave a woman alone in a house with a telephone, especially if the woman is a nervous, excitable type.

Who said the line Sorry, Wrong Number?

Lucille Fletcher
Lucille Fletcher, who transfixed a national audience with her radio drama ”Sorry, Wrong Number” on CBS’s ”Suspense” in 1943, died on Thursday in Langhorne, Pa. She was 88 and lived in Oxford, Md.

What is the ending of Sorry wrong number?

The drama ends when the police ask about the nature of the caller’s emergency. The killer picks up the phone, explains that he’s fine, and says that he never meant to dial the police. He apologizes for dialing a wrong number and hangs up.

Who is George in Sorry Wrong Number?

George. A contract killer who harbors no remorse for his victims, George is called upon by an unknown superior, on behalf of presumably Mr. Stevenson, to kill Mrs. Stevenson.

Who is George in Sorry, Wrong Number?

What is the ending of Sorry, Wrong Number?

What is the conflict of the sorry wrong number?

Conflict: Mrs Stevenson feels conflicted when she is connected to her husband’s phone and overhears a conversation between 2 men who are plotting to kill another person. Though she makes many attempts to disclose this murder plot, no one believes her and attributes this story to her hysteria.

What is the main conflict of Sorry wrong number?

Internal conflict-Mrs. Stevenson overhears a murder plot between two men and thinks that she should not get involved with the investigation. Internal conflict- Sergeant Duffy argues with Mrs. Stevenson about the murder plot she overhears between two men.

Why did Mrs Stevenson call the police what did she want the police to do?

Duffy. Sgt. Duffy is the police officer on duty when Mrs. Stevenson calls the local precinct to get help in preventing the murder plan she has overheard on the telephone.

Why was Mrs Stevenson killed?

Stevenson has to be killed by her husband’s hitman because she is unhealthy. The hitman was George he is the murderer he takes his orders from the first man. He has to take care of his wife all the time so he is disgusted with it.

Who is the author of Sorry Wrong Number?

One night, whilst waiting for her husband to return home, she picks up the phone and accidentally overhears a conversation between two men planning a murder. She becomes increasingly desperate as she tries to work out who the victim is so the crime can be prevented. Written by Col Needham

Who is Miss Jennings in Sorry Wrong Number?

In desperation, Leona telephones her husband’s secretary, Miss Jennings, at home. She learns that Henry left the office with a Mrs. Lord and did not return. In flashbacks, it is revealed that Leona is the spoiled only child of J.B. Cotterell, the owner of a pharmaceutical company based in Chicago.

When did Jack Benny parody Sorry Wrong Number?

On October 17, 1948, Stanwyck did a parody of Sorry, Wrong Number on The Jack Benny Program. Clips from Sorry, Wrong Number were used for the 1982 comedy-mystery Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, the 1991 thriller Dead Again and the 2014 action-thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit .

What was Leona’s only lifeline in Sorry Wrong Number?

Leona’s only lifeline is the telephone, which she uses to excess. One evening, Leona impatiently tries to locate her henpecked husband Henry who is late in coming home. However, when phone lines cross, she overhears two thugs plotting a murder.