WHO is WAI Global?

WAI Global, a global parts manufacturer for the heavy duty, agricultural, automotive, industrial and power sports aftermarket, features its complete line of starters ideal for construction, forklift and farm equipment. WAI Global’s starters and alternators offer proven quality.

Who owns Wai global?

WAI Global’s Founder, Richard Wetherill, currently has an approval rating of 75%.

Are Wai global alternators good?

WAI Global’s starters and alternators boast proven superior quality. More than two million units have been sold over the past decade which are tested to OEM specifications and include premium Transpo electronics and WBD grade bearings manufactured by WAI.

Where are Wai global starters made?

Shanghai, China
Located in Shanghai, China, WAI’s 100,000-square-foot manufacturing plant possesses the most advanced equipment and precision technology available.

Where are Wai alternators made?

Miramar, FL -WAI Global, a premier global parts manufacturer for the heavy duty, agricultural, automotive, industrial, and power sports aftermarket, announces that it will showcase its starters and alternators at the ConExpo-Con/Agg Show in Las Vegas, March 10-14, 2020, Booth #B93921.

Are Wai global Starter any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend this! This is so much stronger than the original, about twice the weight too. If your rx8 isn’t starting, this will definitely help turn it over! Highly recommend this!

What does WAI Global do?

As a leading manufacturer, sourcing, and distribution/logistics company, WAI offers its customers ready access to an extensive range of products including: 100% new alternators, starters and their components. Voltage regulators, rectifiers, solenoids, starter drives & test equipment. 100% new ignition distributors.

Which brand of alternator is best?

Top 5 Best Alternators 2021

  • DB Electrical ADR0368 Alternator.
  • DB Electrical AFD0012 New Alternator.
  • Remy 94113 Alternator.
  • ACDelco 335-1086 Professional Alternator.
  • Tuff Stuff 7068 Alternator.

Is Remy a good alternator?

Reliable Remy alternators are high performing and trusted by auto professionals to give your vehicle the power it needs.

Are Wai starters good?

Are pure energy alternators good?

5.0 out of 5 starsQB is Supreme! QB makes some of the highest quality alternators and starters. Lifetime warranty with optimizations of the parts such as all new construction, massive testing, and better grades of parts to build the alternators and starters.

What means Wai?

Filters. (Internet slang) Why (a purposeful misspelling) adverb.