Who won the 2011 Six Nations?

England won the championship after winning four out of their five matches, losing against Ireland. Due to France defeating Wales in the final match of the tournament, England ended the tournament at the top of the table. Had England beaten Ireland it would have led to their first Grand Slam since 2003.

Who won the Six Nations 2010?

England France

2010 Six Nations Championship
Countries England France Ireland Italy Scotland Wales
Tournament statistics
Champions France (17th title)
Grand Slam France (9th title)

How did the Six Nations start?

The idea of the Six Nations first began way back in 1883 when England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales competed in the Home Nations Championship. The first two years were dominated by England and Scotland before Wales came to the fore winning four titles between 1905 and 1909.

Who won the Six Nations in 2012?

The Championship was won by Wales, who achieved their third Grand Slam in eight tournaments.

Who is top of the Six Nations?

Guinness Six Nations

P Team SD
1 Wales 61
2 France 37
3 Ireland 48
4 Scotland 47

Has Italy ever won a Six Nations game?

Since 2000, Italy has competed annually in the Six Nations Championship with England, France, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. However, Italy has not won a Six Nations match since their 22–19 away win against Scotland in Round 3 of the 2015 tournament, losing every game since; this equates to a losing run of 30 matches.

Who won most 6 Nations?

England and Wales have won the championship the most times (39 titles), but England have won the most outright titles with 29 (28 only for Wales)….Six Nations Championship.

Current season or competition: 2022 Six Nations Championship
The Guinness Six Nations logo
Most titles Wales and England (39 titles)
Website www.sixnationsrugby.com

Who won the 2013 Six Nations?

Wales defeated England by an emphatic 30–3, their biggest ever win over England. At half time Wales had just a 9-3 lead, with three penalties to fullback Leigh Halfpenny against one from England’s Owen Farrell.