Why is Shotts called Shotts?

Shotts is a village in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. A local story has Shotts being named after the legendary giant highwayman Bertram de Shotts, though toponymists give the Anglo-Saxon scēots (“steep slopes”) as the real source of the name.

How old is Shotts?

Shotts prison was built in 2012 and is a prison for long term adult male offenders with a capacity of 553. The prison is situated in countryside south of the M8 motorway near the Lanarkshire village of Shotts.

Is Shotts in West Lothian?

Shotts lies two miles south-west of the West Lothian border. Shotts falls within the unitary authority of North Lanarkshire. The post town for Shotts is Shotts.

Is Shotts in North or south Lanarkshire?

Shotts is located in North Lanarkshire. In 1802 an iron works opened and housing was built for workers by the Shotts Ironworks Company. Later in the 19th century the discovery of coal brought further expansion of the town with Irish workers arriving.

What are Shotts?

noun. A shallow lake or marsh with brackish or saline water, especially in northern Africa. Shotts are dry during the summer, at which time they are also characterized by salt deposits and a lack of vegetation.

Where is calderhead in Scotland?

Calderhead, a quoad sacra parish and a registration district in Shotts and Cambusnethan parishes, Lanarkshire, lying around the head of South Calder river, 2½ miles SSE of Kirk-of-Shotts. Constituted in 1872, the parish is in the presbytery of Hamilton and synod of Glasgow and Ayr. …

What prisoners are in Shotts?

It is a prison holding male prisoners with maximum security classification. Shotts exclusively holds prisoners serving a term of 5 years or longer, with some prisoners being transferred from other prisons due to a need for a more secure environment.

How high is Shotts above sea level?

The height above sea-level varies from 341 feet at the mouth of Shotts Burn on the W, to a t 1000 feet along the central ridge of high land which forms part of the watershed between the basins of the Forth and Clyde.

Is Shott a word?

Yes, shott is in the scrabble dictionary.

What area is Lanarkshire?

1,772 km²
South Lanarkshire/Area

How many inmates are in HMP Shotts?

200 murderers
There are 200 murderers in Shotts prison, Scotland’s maximum-security jail. Channel 4’s latest reality TV show takes us behind the barbed wire to get a taste of life on a long stretch.

What is the national top end?

This prison has a section known as the National Top End, an almost jail within a jail where long term prisoners nearing the end of their sentence begin a series of tests to determine whether they are ready to be released from confinement.