Why was the LZR Racer swimsuit banned?

The LZR Racer (pronounced as “laser”) is a line of competition swimsuits manufactured by Speedo using a high-technology swimwear fabric composed of woven elastane-nylon and polyurethane. They were deemed to provide an unfair advantage to the wearer by FINA, which led to a ban on all swimsuits of a similar nature.

When was LZR swimsuit banned?

By 2010, the fate of the LZR racer was sealed: FINA, the international governing body of swimming banned swimsuits that might aid speed, buoyancy and performance — including the LZR Racer. The wording of that by-law stands to this day and is clearly influenced by the science that made the LZR Racer so damn fast.

How much did the LZR Racer cost?

Though the LZR Racer has led to impressive results in the swimming world, some people have argued that wearing the suit is technological doping – the suit is more like a “device” that swimmers who can afford it (retail price of the LZR Racer is ~ $550, and you are supposed to wear it only ten times) wear to improve …

Who made LZR swimsuit?

To test materials that would best reduce drag, the company partnered with NASA and sent Wilkinson nearly 60 different fabrics to analyze using a small-scale wind tunnel at Langley. Thanks in part to Wilkinson’s work, Speedo’s Aqualab soon after designed what became the most efficient swimsuit ever made: the LZR Racer.

Why do swimmers shave their armpits?

At the end of the day, swimmers shave to swim faster. It has been proven that shaving the arms, legs, back and pretty much any other part of the body exposed to the water reduces frictional drag, improves streamline and heightens the swimmer’s awareness and feel for the water (more on that in a second).

What does LZR stand for?


Acronym Definition
LZR Laurentius Ziekenhuis Roermond (Dutch: Lawrence Hospital Roermond)
LZR Lean Zucker Rat

Why do male swimmers slap themselves?

Male swimmers sometimes slap themselves red, especially on their pectorals. Women will also do this or use a closed fist instead. This slapping increases blood flow in the muscles which is helpful to the “warmup” process.

Who is the richest swimmer in the world?

The 10 Richest Swimmers in History

  1. Michael Phelps – $55 million.
  2. Mark Spitz – $20 million.
  3. Ryan Lochte – $13 million.
  4. Ian Thorpe – $12 million.
  5. Diana Nyad – $10 million.
  6. Matt Biondi – $8 million.
  7. Shane Gould – $6 million.
  8. Kristin Otto – $4 million.

What kind of fabric is Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer?

-LZR Racer Pulselite light, powerful & durable fabric. -LZR Racer Comprex one way stretch for higher compression. -Laser cut straps provides the optimum balance between stretch and comfort. -Ab activators helps to promote optimal body position in water. -Maximized support seam construction improves the linkage of the muscular kinetic chain.

How did the LZR Racer swimsuit reduce drag?

The LZR Racer was the first fully bonded, full-body swimsuit with ultrasonically welded seams. The process of fusing seams ultrasonically rather than overlapping and stitching fabric helped reduce drag by 6 percent.

When did the LZR Racer break the world record?

And at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, 98 percent of medal-winners in swimming competitions won while wearing an LZR Racer. Out of the 25 world records broken at that Olympics, 23 were accomplished by swimmers wearing the suit.

How does the LZR Racer reduce skin friction?

The LZR Racer reduces skin friction drag by covering more skin than traditional swimsuits. Multiple pieces of the water-resistant and extremely lightweight LZR Pulse fabric connect at ultrasonically welded seams, and they incorporate extremely low-profile zippers to keep viscous drag to a minimum.