Will Butte College be in person fall 2021?

“Butte College plans to be face-to-face for 50 percent of its offerings this Fall semester. Student services is also planning a combination of online and in-person ground supports for students.”

How do I drop out of Butte College?

Students can drop themselves through Census Date and may withdraw themselves through the 50% point. This can be done online, in person, or via Telereg. Students who cease attending after the 50% point should discuss with their instructor or a counselor the possibility of withdrawal for serious and compelling reasons.

What city is Butte College?

Butte College is located an hour and 10 minutes north of Sacramento, on a 928 wildlife refuge and its main campus is located at 3536 Butte Campus Drive in Oroville, California. The college is a leader in sustainability efforts and was the grand prize winner of the international Chill Out Contest.

How do I get into Butte College?

General Eligibility Requirements

  1. Be a U.S citizen or an eligible noncitizen.
  2. Have a Social Security Number.
  3. Register with Selective Service, if required (males 18 to 25).
  4. Be enrolled or accepted into a degree-granting or eligible certificate program at a college or university participating in Federal Student Aid programs.

Is Butte College in person?

Butte College is open! The main campus and centers are now open and ready to assist students in person or online. To make our campus as safe as possible, we have instituted a mask wearing guidance.

What is Butte College known for?

Butte College offers a quality education and more than 200 degree and certificate programs. Butte College has the highest transfer rate to CSU, Chico, and many of our alumni have successful careers in fire, nursing, law enforcement, welding, business, computer science, heavy equipment and more.

How many credits is full time Butte College?

12 units
closeA student must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units in fall or spring term to be considered a full-time student. Where do I go to get verification of being enrolled at the college?

What division is Butte?

Butte College is a member of three intercollegiate conferences: Big 8, Golden Valley and the Northern California Football Alliance. Freshman students are eligible for varsity competition.

Is Butte College a JUCO?

Butte College is a public community college in the Butte-Glenn Community College District in Chico and Orland, California….Butte College.

Type Public community college
Established 1967
Academic affiliations California Community Colleges system
President Dr. Samia Yaqub (interim)
Students 12,669

Is Butte College a good school?

Butte College Ranked One of Nation’s Best Community Colleges With back-to-school season, WalletHub compared 670 community colleges in the U.S. Butte College was listed as one of the nation’s top colleges, earning 37th place out of 670 community colleges across the nation, and 6th in California.

How many students are at Butte College?

14,234 (2011)
Butte College/Total enrollment

How much does it cost per semester at Butte College?

Estimated Cost Per Semester

California Resident Tuition Per Semester $552
California Resident Total Cost Per Semester $10,782
Non-California Resident Tuition Per Semester $3,360
Non-California Resident Total Cost Per Semester $13,590

When is the main campus of Butte College open?

The Butte College Main Campus power has been restored and the Main Campus will reopen Monday, October 14, 2019. Butte’s Main Campus, Chico Center, Skyway Center, Cosmetology Center, and Glenn County Center will all be open.

Is there discrimination at Butte Glenn Community College?

Butte-Glenn Community College District does not permit discrimination or harassment in its programs or activities as stated in our Non-Discrimination Statement available at www.butte.edu/sa

Where is Butte College located in Chico CA?

Address. 2320 Forest Ave, Chico, CA 95928. Phone (530) 895-2361 (Main Campus For Assistance) (530) 895-2284 (Español) Chico Center Homepage

How can I contact Butte College about transfer?

Please call or email so we may assist you. Whether you are preparing for transfer to a four-year college or university, seeking an occupational degree or certificate, or taking classes to improve skills or investigate a new career, we are pleased that you have chosen Butte College.