The modern world is changing from day to day and brings us more and more opportunities to change our lifestyle and the way we can make money. Freelance would be a good example. Many companies are looking for freelance professionals to meet their needs, whether for a single project or long-term cooperation. Usually, that is dictated by the necessity to save resources and time. Freelance services are available in different professional spheres, almost all actually.

Freelance makes the labor market more democratic. This kind of occupation gives person absolute freedom of planning timetable, choosing suitable projects and companies to cooperate with. In fact you are not tied to exact company and colleges. It makes you feel more independent.

Such kind of work needs the special way of thinking. If you don’t want to be depended on company’s schedule, over-controlled by Boss, if you’re ready to take responsibility for your time planning, then this type of occupation could be for you. But it requires many qualities. A person should be flexible, dynamic, be able to cope with stress, endowed with communication skills and very well organized.

One of the types of freelance is academic and papers writing. Students seek the assistance of freelancers for various reasons. It is generally believed that the cause is always the same – laziness. But it should not have been so generalized! The world makes us develop, to learn, to improve our skills to find a better vacancy. But many people have to work to support their families and pay for the education. So, this can become a vicious circle when you can’t concentrate on one thing – job or education, because you realize that one can’t exist without the other. And then one day you understand that you need help, and the freelancers are precisely the people who can help. Naturally, turning in papers that person has not written by himself will be considered as cheating. But the cooperation of client and writer should not be simplified to the appropriation of copyright!

In fact the customer decides what to do with the results of the work. He can turn the paper without even reading at one’s own risk. But it is absolutely an irresponsible option. If a freelance writer you have found is a good one, you will get high-quality work. But the thing is that it may be too good for you. This will be a big surprise for the teacher when you showed intermediary knowledge and got not the best grades and now suddenly write a serious scientific treatise.

Now we gradually moved on to the second version. The key to success lies in the productive cooperation of both – client and freelancer. The writer should clearly understand what you need. To make the work productive the client and a freelancer should tightly cooperate in all phases. It means discussion in all details what exactly the customer wants to see at the very end, what level and style of writing suits him. They should exchange the information at all phases. If the customer had already written some personal notes, it would be very useful for the writer, as he’ll be able better understand the customer’s way of thinking and his attitude to the exact topic. The client can supplement the additional material or references. And finally the customer takes the written material as the basis and process it to bring it to the perfect form. It means that you should edit the paper under you, “make it yours”.

Freelance writing services are really useful for those who, due to the objective reasons, can’t handle with carrying out the tasks on their own. Such type of clients are usually loaded with work or they are hostages of some family circumstances. Lack of free time pushes them to slip out and look for alternative solutions. Perhaps the society should revise its attitude to such category of people. Maybe they deserve some indulgence. This is not relevant to those who are simply lazy and try to avoid any responsibility. Usually the teachers easily discover when students are trying to cheat, especially those who lag behind academically. The education system is actually suffering from frequent attempts to cheat. More students will try to make their life easier, the more writers will appear to make money on this. That is a basic market principle of supply and demand balance.