Are there Tatars in Poland?

They refer to themselves as Polish Tatars or even Poles of Tatar origin. According to the 2011 census, there are approximately 2,000 Tatars living in Poland nowadays (however, other data varies from 1,500 to over 5,000).

Are Tatars Finnish?

The Finnish Tatars are an ethnic, cultural and religious minority in Finland, who number approximately 600-700. Tatars have integrated successfully into Finnish society, while maintaining their own identity. …

Are Tatars Mongols?

Unlike the Mongols, these peoples spoke a Turkic language, and they may have been related to the Cuman or Kipchak peoples. After Genghis Khan’s empire broke up, the Tatars became especially identified with the western part of the Mongol domain, which included most of European Russia and was called the Golden Horde.

What is the main religion in Poland?

The Roman Catholic Church
There is no official religion in Poland. The Roman Catholic Church is the biggest church in Poland. The overwhelming majority (around 87%) of the population are Roman-Catholic if the number of the baptised is taken as the criterion (33 million of baptised people in 2013).

Is Poland safe?

In general, traveling in Poland is safe because the country is highly ranked on the list of the safest countries. In fact, Poland lands in the top 20 of the safest countries in the world! The only threats you might expect are: pickpocketing, petty theft, overcharge, and ATMs scams.

What did Genghis Khan do to the Tatars?

After becoming the head of his clan, Genghis Khan forged alliances with other clans, exterminated the existing clan nobility, and overpowered enemy tribes such as the Tatars. In 1206 an assembly of leaders declared him universal emperor (chinggis khān) of the Mongolian steppe.

When did the Polish Tatars come to Poland?

Polish Tatars came to Poland in the 14th century to be mercenaries upon the invitation of the king of Poland. 600 years ago they began to migrate to Poland in the time of the great Lithuanian kingdom, escaping from the Golden Horde or from captivity in Lithuania.

What kind of people are the Lipka Tatars?

Lipka Tatars are also known as Lithuanian Tatars, and since Lithuania eventually formed one half of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the term Polish Tatars is also sometimes applied to the Lipka Tatars, if they reside in – or descend from – what is now the sovereign state Poland.

What was the name of the Crimean Tatars?

A less frequent Polish form, Łubka, is corroborated in Łubka/Łupka, the Crimean Tatar name of the Lipkas up to the end of the 19th century. The Crimean Tatar term Lipka Tatarłar meaning Lithuanian Tatars, later started to be used by the Polish–Lithuanian Tatars to describe themselves.

Why is the Lipka Tatars monument important to Poland?

The monument is a symbol of the important role of Tatars in Polish history. “Tatars shed their blood in all national independence uprisings. Their blood seeped into the foundations of the reborn Polish Republic,” President Komorowski said at the unveiling. The monument is the first of its kind to be erected in Europe.