Can I pay my cable bill with cash?

If you need to pay your cable or satellite TV bill, just visit your local Money Services and bring along a copy of your bill stub, and the cash to pay the bill and fee amount.

Where is Charter Communications located?

St. Louis, Missouri
Charter Communications, Inc. St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. U.S.

Where can I return spectrum cable boxes?

You can easily return the Spectrum equipment by bringing it to any U.S. Postal Service Office.

  • Secure the equipment with the packaging included in your shipping box.
  • Place the prepaid return label over the original shipping label.
  • Bring the packaged equipment to any U.S. Postal Service Office.

How can I pay my Spectrum Internet bill?

Pay on

  1. Sign in with a Primary or Admin account.
  2. Find the billing section. Select Make a Payment or Pay My Bill.
  3. Enter your payment details. Payment methods include:
  4. Follow the prompts and complete your payment. You can choose to either make a one-time payment or recurring payments (Auto Pay).

Can I pay my spectrum bill at HEB?

By walking into the H-E-B Business Center you will be able to make utility, phone, cable, internet, credit card, rent, mortgage, auto, and insurance payments. In-person bill payment is easy!

Can I pay my Spectrum cable bill at Walmart?

Can I pay my Spectrum bill at Walmart? Yes, you can pay your Spectrum bill at a local Walmart MoneyCenter. Simply bring the billing statement or remittance stub to the shop and forward service dues to Spectrum in the form of cash or via debit/credit cards.

How do you pay a bill in cash?

Paying your bills in cash is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Find the PayHereNetwork location nearest you. Visit the location with your cash and the bill you want to pay. Present the cash and bill to the clerk, and they will process your payment.

Who is the parent company of Spectrum?

Liberty Media Corporation
Advance PublicationsSoftBank Group
Charter Communications/Owners

Can you drop off Spectrum equipment at any location?

You can easily return Spectrum equipment by bringing it to any UPS Store. The UPS Store will handle packaging and shipping back to us at no charge to you. Just bring your equipment and tell UPS that you’re a Spectrum customer, and they’ll take care of the rest. Remember to hold on to your receipt for tracking purposes.

Does Spectrum charge for router?

Spectrum Internet equipment fee: cable modem included, $5/mo. for WiFi router. Spectrum doesn’t charge for its essential cable modem device. you can rent a Spectrum router for $5 per month—unless you’re on the Spectrum Internet GIG plan, which includes a WiFi router for no extra cost.