Did Larry Bird have a perfect 3-point contest?

Bird’s greatest 3-point shoot-out performance came in the 1988 finals. Against Dale Ellis, now with the Seattle Supersonics after one of his seven career trades, Bird struggled in the final round.

Is Larry Bird the best 3-point shooter?

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson practically monopolized the championships in the ’80s with Larry winning 3 and Magic winning 5. Larry was a good three-point shooter, shooting at a respectable 37.6% career clip. He also shot over 40% from deep five times. Larry made 649 three-pointers in his stellar career.

How many times did Larry Bird win the 3-point shootout?

Both Larry Bird (1986-88) and Craig Hodges (1990-92) are three-time winners. Bird and Hodges each won their three titles consecutively, combining to win six of the first seven 3-point contests. After Bird and Hodges, five players have won twice: Price, Hornacek, Stojakovic, Kapono, and Curry.

Who did Larry Bird beat in the 3-point contest?

On this day: Larry Bird wins ’88 3-point contest; Kris Humphries born.

Has anyone ever had a perfect 3-point contest?

Jason Kapono won the contest in the 2006–07 and 2007–08 season while playing with the Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors became the most recent multi-time winner in 2021.

Who is better Larry Bird or Stephen Curry?

Curry is the better shooter, but I’d say Bird was better in almost everything else. It remains to be seen if Curry will have a longer career though, as Bird’s injuries really slowed him down. At this point in Curry’s career, it’s Bird hands down.

Did Steph Curry won the 3-Point Contest?

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry won the 2021 MTN DEW Three-Point Contest as part of NBA All-Star Sunday Night in Atlanta, becoming the seventh player to win multiple Three-Point Contests since the event’s inception in 1986 and the first to do so in non-consecutive events.

Who has the worst three-point contest score?

Stephen Curry (first round, 2021) holds the record with 31 points, albeit in the newer 40-point format. Detlef Schrempf and Michael Jordan share the record for the fewest points scored in any round with five in 1988 and 1990 respectively.

Did Steph Curry won the 3-point contest?

How many times has Larry Bird won the three point shootout?

Bird had won the first two three-point contests and is looking for the three-peat. Again, again, again… for the third consecutive time Larry Bird won the three-point contest, this time with his finger he said “I’m the number one”.

Who is the greatest 3 point shooter of all time?

Craig Hodges is legendary in the world of the Three-Point Contest. He was there for the very first shootout, where he set a record for having a 25-point round. Fast forward to 1991, and Hodges was on his way to setting another record, hitting his first 19 three-pointers.

Who is the only two time winner of the 3 point contest?

As you can see from the video, Kapono was dead-on after missing his first two shots. Kapono hit 10 shots in a row, including hitting each of the two-point money balls to tie the record high (25) set by Craig Hodges. Kapono is also the only two-time champion to win the contest with different teams (Toronto and Miami).

Who was the 2003 NBA 3 Point Contest winner?

As the defending champion coming into the 2003 contest, Peja breezed past Wesley Person in the final. He had the contest wrapped up before he even got to the final rack.