Do Cub Scouts still earn arrow points?

After a Wolf Cub Scout earns his Wolf Badge he may begin earning Arrow Points in the Electives section of his book. He may work on his “Arrow Point Trail” at any time, however he cannot receive Arrow Points until after he has earned the Wolf Badge.

What are the official colors for the Arrow of Light?

The colored bands honor your individual ranks and achievements. Black for Bobcat, Orange is for Tiger; Red for Wolf; Green for Bear, Blue for Webelos, Purple for World Conservation, Gold for Nova and Supernova, Tan for the Religious Award and the band of Yellow represents the Arrow of Light Award.

What does the arrow of light symbolize?

ARROW OF LIGHT CEREMONY The seven rays of the Arrow of Light represent wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope, and love. Will these boys and their parents please come forward. The Arrow of Light is important. It is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

What does the arrow of Light symbolize?

When can you start working on Arrow of Light?

Fifth Grade – Arrow of Light Requirements Fifth graders work toward the Arrow of Light rank. If a fourth-grade Cub Scout has completed the Webelos rank, they may begin to work on the Arrow of Light. The Arrow of Light rank is earned by completing five adventures as described below.

What is the arrow of light crossover ceremony?

Often a Crossover Ceremony sends Cub Scouts to walk across a mini-bridge to symbolize their move to Boy Scouts (think of it as a Cub Scout graduation). Arrow of Light, on the other hand, is a rank and award. It is a staple in the Cub Scout program and something many Scouts who move through Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts will achieve.

How do you make an arrow of light plaque?

How to Make Arrow of Light Plaque. 1) Cut a 1×6 board to 21 inches in length. 2) Sand it down well. 3) Print out the Arrow of Light template. It is 19 inches long, so you will need to print it out over two pieces of paper and then tape them together. 4) Place the Arrow of Light template to your board where you want it to go.

What is the arrow of the Light Award?

The Arrow of Light award is the highest rank award available to Cub Scouts. To earn the Arrow of Light, the Cub Scout must complete four required adventures, three of eighteen elective adventures, and the Cyber Chip and child abuse prevention exercises.