Does Togos have gluten free wraps?

They have a gluten free wrap and take special precautions when making their sandwiches.

Does Togos do lettuce wraps?

In addition to the new menu options, Togo’s offers a robust lineup of other salads and wraps, including the Santa Fe Chicken Salad & Wrap, with chicken, black bean & corn salsa, tomatoes, avocados, cheddar cheese, chili-lime tortilla strips, and spring mix; and the Asian Chicken Salad & Wrap, with chicken, lettuce.

What kind of bread does Togos have?

Wheat — a cracked wheat bread brushed with oats and a dash of honey. Rustic White — a white peasant bread with a blend of olive oil, salt, and a slight brush of flour for a light taste and airy texture. Parmesan White — a white bread covered in real Parmesan shreds and a sprinkle of Romano.

What is Togo’s style mean?

TOGO’S STYLE. Includes: Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onions, Pickles, Pepperoncinis All sandwiches calculated on Classic White Bread.

What happened to Togo’s Sandwiches?

On November 30, 2007, Togo’s was sold to Mainsail Partners, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, in partnership with Tony Gioia, a former president of Baskin-Robbins. Gioia served as chairman and chief executive officer of Togo’s until his retirement in May 2017.

Can you build your own sandwich at Togo’s?

No matter if you’re feeding 5 or 500, Togo’s can satisfy your catering needs. Our individually-packaged boxed lunches are perfect for feeding team members or guests in a safe and easy manner. All boxes can be individually customized (sandwich, salad, or wrap) and come with chips & cookie.

What is Togo’s Bistro Sauce?

Bistro Sauce is a smooth creamy sauce with a spoonable viscosity and flavored with a blend of mustard, horseradish and garlic. It has a pleasing appearance of yellow-orange color highlighted by grains of stone ground mustard.

Can you make your own sandwich at Togo’s?

Does sourdough and Co have gluten free bread?

Even for some people with Gluten Intolerance Sourdough bread contains lower amounts of gluten, making it easier to digest for people with gluten intolerance. It’s prebiotic and probiotic-like properties may further improve digestion.

Is Togo’s national chain?

Togo’s Eateries, LLC is an American chain of fast casual sandwich restaurants owned by Southfield Mezzanine Capital who purchased the company in March 2019. Togo’s is headquartered in San Jose, California.

Is there a gluten free menu at Togos?

For the official Togo’s gluten free menu, see here. Below, you’ll find the easy to read version of the Togo’s gluten free menu. Here’s everything from Togo’s that is gluten free. For all the sandwich options, just be sure to ask for a gluten free wrap.

Where can I get a gluten free tortilla wrap?

Finally, the gluten-friendly burrito carefully encased in parchment paper is placed in the grill, toasting your burrito to perfection. Our gluten-free tortilla wraps are certified gluten-free. BarBurrito Canada is not a certified gluten-free facility.

Which is the best gluten free wraps on the market?

Here are the best-tasting gluten-free wraps on the market. We sampled lots of brands so you don’t have to. We tested and tasted over 20 wraps and tortillas and found our favorites. Tortillas are traditionally used to make Mexican classics like quesadillas, fajitas and burritos.

What kind of wraps are made out of tortillas?

Tortillas are traditionally used to make Mexican classics like quesadillas, fajitas and burritos. Modern-day versions are big and strong enough to hold a filling and pliable enough to roll and fold without breaking.