Does Virgin Active still exist?

Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom….Virgin Active.

Type Joint venture
Founder Richard Branson, Matthew Bucknall
Headquarters London , England

Can Virgin Active members bring a guest?

At our discretion, you may bring guests to train with you upon payment of the guest fee or redemption of a valid promotional voucher and completion of the Guest Register. Your guest must bring their national identity document or passport and have his/her photo taken. 2. All guests must play by the rules.

Does Virgin Active offer NHS discount?

NHS Discount: We offer 10% off flexible memberships and 6% off 12 month memberships.

Do you have to book swimming at Virgin Active?

Absolutely. You will just need to ensure you have enough visits to access the Club for your PT sessions. How do I purchase additional visits? This can be done at any of our Flexi+ Clubs, or via the Virgin Active App.

How much does it cost to cancel Virgin Active membership?

You are allowed to cancel your Virgin Active membership at any time by giving one month’s written notice to Virgin Active. Upon cancellation you will be liable for a 40% cancellation fee of the remaining contract value if your membership is in its initial commitment period.

How do I cancel my Virgin Active membership?

I want to cancel my account, how do I do that?

  1. We would hate to see you leave us but if you really have no choice feel free to contact us on 0860 200 911 and our specialists will be able to advise you accordingly.
  2. Please note, if you’re within your initial membership period, a cancellation fee is likely to apply.

Can I cancel Virgin Active membership?

I want to cancel my Virgin Active membership. How do I do this? If you would like to cancel your Vitality gym benefit, you need to contact your club directly: Call Virgin Active on 0860 200 911 or visit their website at

How long can I freeze my Virgin Active membership?

“We will waiver our 50% freeze fee, and we will freeze [pause] a member’s contract free of charge, for 30 days at a time. “A member does need to request this by phoning 0860 200 911. Terms and conditions apply.”

Does Virgin Active offer month to month contracts?

If you are joining us before your Home Club has opened, you have the option to pay a monthly usage fee which will entitle you to use any Virgin Active Health Club (excluding Collection Clubs) until such time as your Home Club open and your Commitment Period starts.

How much is cancellation fee for Virgin Active?

What happens when you freeze your Virgin Active membership?

Can I freeze my Virgin Active membership online?

Virgin Active These members can suspend their membership for another two months (September and October) by sending an email to [email protected]. In the meantime, Virgin Active offers 350 online exercise classes to its members.

How much does a Virgin Active membership cost?

Virgin Active UK just launched its Online+ membership, so now you can workout wherever you want, whenever you want. Get access to hundreds of workouts, right from your warm, comfortable living room, for just £9.99 a month. Each workout is led by an expert trainer, covering everything from restorative yoga to heart-pumping cycle classes.

What do you need to know about Virgin Active?

And third Virgin Active Membership is a club membership based entirely on the Leaf Style with world-class facilities and health needs in mind. Virgin Active’s approach is not just good exercise but a healthy lifestyle with proper exercise.

Where can I join Virgin Active in South Africa?

Skip the joining fee and get the rest of June on us. With the largest network of clubs around, Virgin Active clubs can be found at over 130 locations across South Africa as well as Namibia and Botswana.

How old do you have to be to join Virgin Active?

What we believe in, what we stand for, and what makes us who we are. Each of our 1.4 million members is treated with care, respect and attention. Everyone’s welcome at Virgin Active. Any age. Fit or unfit. It’s all good.