How do I sell things fast on Craigslist?

15 Tips to Sell Your Stuff on Craigslist Fast

  1. Take decent photos!!
  2. Price it to move.
  3. Sell in batches and utilize the “more ads by this user” button.
  4. Be specific with your posting title and include keywords.
  5. Find the Accessories.
  6. Clean it up.
  7. Tell us why you’re selling the item.
  8. Be honest about defects and condition.

Is Craigslist a good way to sell?

Craigslist is awesome for selling everyday items, because it’s where people come looking to make a deal. You’ll do better selling valuable items on specialty sites or even eBay, which is better for getting a fair price due to its international buyers.

How do you get the best results on Craigslist?

7 Ways to Improve Your Craigslist Ad

  1. Look at Other Ads – and Take Notes.
  2. Gain Ad Presence – Create as Many Craigslist Accounts as You Can.
  3. Create Many Unique Ads.
  4. Know Your Audience.
  5. Give Your Ad a Make-Over.
  6. Go Old-School.
  7. Include Keywords in the Footer.

How do you price things to sell on Craigslist?

Price on the high side. People on Craigslist are not afraid to make low-ball offers. You want to price your stuff 10-30% above the price you won’t go below. This way, when a buyer makes a low-ball offer, you have room to negotiate.

What should I not do when selling on Craigslist?

One of the most important Craigslist precautions is to be wary of scammers. In almost all cases, you are best off accepting cash for a Craigslist sale. Personal checks can bounce, and scammers can fake cashier’s checks and money orders.

Is LetGo better than Craigslist?

Today, Craigslist is still the leader when it comes to online classified ads. However, it now has some competition. OfferUp and LetGo are two apps that work like Craigslist, but they are easier to use and safer. Plus, they tend to have less spam, which is always a good thing.

Should I post my phone number on Craigslist?

Scammers are getting pretty sneaky and are collecting personal phone numbers through Craigslist Ads. Case in point, when you’re placing an ad or responding to an ad, avoid using your personal phone number to communicate with buyers or sellers.

What sells the most on Craigslist?

These are the five things you should always buy or sell on Craigslist.

  1. Home Appliances. Refrigerators, dishwashers, A/C units, and laundry washers and dryers are the kind of machines perfect for buying and selling on Craigslist.
  2. Electronics.
  3. Cars.
  4. High-End Furniture.
  5. Power Tools.

Does editing a Craigslist post move it to top?

Renewing a post will move that post to the top of the list. You can renew an active free post as long as 48 hours have elapsed since it was initially posted, or if 48 hours have elapsed since it was last renewed.

Why can I not see my ad on Craigslist?

Craigslist pages are localized, meaning that when users post an advertisement, it shows up only for Craigslist users in a specific city that the advertiser chooses. When you do this, you are more likely to have your ad not show up on the site, even if you publish it. This process is called “ghosting.”

Does Craigslist take a percentage of what you sell?

craigslist | about | help | posting fees. All craigslist postings are free, except for: Job postings in US and selected CA areas—$10-75 (fee varies by area) Cars/trucks, RVs, and motorcycles by-owner in the US—$5.

How do I sell something on Craigslist for free?

You can sell items on Craigslist, just like classified ads in newspapers, for free — you don’t even need a Craigslist account. Make sure the Craigslist website is set to your correct city, then click the link to create a post.

What are the best items for selling on Craigslist?

car stereos and surround sound systems can all go for great prices on Craigslist.

  • Furniture. Hands down some of the best items to sell on Craigslist to make money are furniture items.
  • Maternity Clothing.
  • Equipment.
  • Appliances.
  • Building Supplies.
  • How to be a successful seller on Craigslist?

    The 9 Secrets of Highly Successful Craigslist Sellers Repost to Keep Your Ad on Top. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just hit a button and your ad from last week would shoot to the top ALWAYS Post an Image a GOOD Image. We’re visual creatures. Don’t Put a Question in Your Headline. Be as Specific as You Can Be. Do Your Homework. Make Sure the Price Is Right. Pair Up Items That Go Together.

    How to successfully sell anything on Craigslist?

    How to Sell on Craigslist Plan and Research. Don’t just jump into your advertisement without some careful planning and investigating. Price Your Item. Research may sound like a big time commitment, but at least it’s not the tricky part. Take Photos. When it comes to buying things online, a good image is a seller’s best friend. Write a Clear Headline. Write a Good Description.

    Does Craigslist charge to sell?

    Craigslist did garner much praise for the fact that it’s basically free to sell on the site. Craigslist does charge business sellers in certain categories, as we have previously reported, though it’s on the honor system.