How long do homemade chocolate truffles last?

2 weeks
Truffles taste best at room temperature! Cover tightly and store truffles at room temperature for 3-4 days or in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

How do you make Nigella chocolate truffles?


  1. Finely chop baking chocolate and set aside.
  2. Add cream to a small saucepan with a heavy bottom.
  3. Add sugar and stir to combine.
  4. Heat cream and sugar over low until just boiling.
  5. Add the chocolate to the hot cream and stir until melted completely.
  6. Add butter and Bailey’s and stir again to combine well.

What is the difference between a truffle and a chocolate truffle?

Homemade chocolate truffles are named after truffles because of the striking resemblance with the original truffle mushrooms. While one is the expensive fungus that grows underneath the oak trees, the other Is the intricate chocolate ganache coated in tempered chocolate as a chocolate coating.

Can I freeze chocolate truffles?

If you don’t think you can eat all of your homemade truffles within a week or two, you’ll want to keep them in the freezer. To provide a little extra protection from the harsh chill, pop the candies into a zip-top bag and then store that bag inside an airtight container.

Why are chocolate truffles so expensive?

Truffles are costly because they’re hard to find, frustrating to grow, and impossible to store for any length of time. They generally range from strawberry- to apple-sized, though larger ones have been discovered. Black truffles from France and white truffles from Italy are the two most highly valued.

What do real truffles look like?

Truffles grow underground in chiefly in broadleaved woodlands on calcareous soils such as those found throughout Europe and Asia. They usually look like lumpy rough-skinned potatoes with a firm, spongy texture and a sweet earthy aroma. All summed up, truffles are basically fancy, edible, subterranean mushrooms.

Is a truffle a rich chocolate candy?

A rich white or dark chocolate candy containing a center of ingredients such as chocolate, cream, sugar, corn syrup, cocoa butter, flavorings, caramel, nuts, and fruit that are mixed together and formed into a ball shape.

Can you freeze chocolate truffles UK?

To give as presents, place 8-10 truffles in individual foil or paper cases inside small, lined boxes tied with ribbon. Keep in the fridge until you’re ready to give them. Will keep in an airtight container in the fridge for three days, or frozen for up to a month.

Should I keep chocolate truffles in the fridge?

How to store chocolate truffles. Truffles should be stored in a sealable container until ready to eat. For best results, storing them in the refrigerator will help them last longer and keep their shape.

Are truffles made from poop?

Are truffles poop? Truffles are not poop, though black truffles do bear a resemblance. Furthermore, truffles are not grown on poop. That said, truffles can proliferate when animals eat them and then poop out the reproductive spores.

What is the best chocolate for making truffles?

Ganache is the building block upon which all truffles are built. Any good-quality chocolate will work for making truffles, but the most versatile chocolate you can use is a nice semi-sweet chocolate that’s about 60% cacao solids.

How do you make homemade truffles?

How to make homemade truffles: Chop up the chocolate and place the pieces in a heat-safe bowl. Heat up the heavy cream on the stove, just until it starts to boil. Whisk the cream and chocolate together until melted and smooth, then stir in the vanilla extract (and liqueur if using). Place the chocolate in the refrigerator for about an hour.

What are the best truffles in the world?

The most incredible type of truffle in the world is the Alba white truffle. When you think of expensive truffles that are very valuable and hard to find, this is the type of truffle that should come to mind. They’re incredibly rare, and their flavor is like nothing else in the world of cooking ingredients.

How do you make chocolate chip truffles?

Directions Beat cream cheese and butter until creamy. Fold in chocolate morsels. Using a 1 tablespoon scoop, drop onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Using a toothpick, pick up the truffle and dip it into the melted chocolate, tapping the side of the bowl to remove the excess chocolate. Store in refrigerator for up to a week.