Is EllisDon a good company to work for?

EllisDon is an excellent place to work and definitely ranks at the top for construction companies. You need to understand that your performance must be a definite contributing factor to the success of the company.

What does EllisDon do?

EllisDon is a world-leading construction and building services company that completes in excess of $5 billion worth of contracts annually, in every market sector and across the globe. Over the last 70 years, we’ve grown from being a general contractor to a multi-faceted company that can deliver any aspect of a project.

Where is EllisDon’s headquarters?

Mississauga, Canada

How many employees does EllisDon have?

EllisDon/Number of employees

Does EllisDon pay well?

The highest-paying job at EllisDon is a Construction Manager with a salary of $219,193 per year. The lowest-paying job at EllisDon is a BIM Coordinator with a salary of $66,420 per year.

Is EllisDon a Canadian?

who we are. EllisDon was established in 1951 in London, Ontario Canada by brothers Don and David Ellis Smith. At that time, our first project was a small home renovation followed by the construction of Northdale Elementary School.

What is EllisDon modular?

EllisDon’s Prefabrication and Modular Department ensures the latest knowledge, best practices and supplier contacts are applied to every project. At its core, our mission is to produce better projects by bringing the efficiencies inherent to the manufacturing plant and production line to the job site.

Who is the CEO of EllisDon?

Geoff Smith (1996–)

President & Chief Executive Officer Geoff Smith, J.D., joined EllisDon in 1983, and quickly gained experience across various management positions and sectors within the company. He was named President and CEO in 1996.

Who started Ellis?

David Ellis Smith
EllisDon was established in 1951 in London, Ontario Canada by brothers Don and David Ellis Smith.

Who is the largest construction company in Canada?

PCL Construction
Top 40 largest construction companies in Canada

Position Company Revenue
1 PCL Construction $8.4 billion
2 EllisDon Corporation $4.4 billion
3 Aecon Group Incorporated $3.4 billion
4 Ledcor Group of Companies $2.6 billion

What does PCL Construction stand for?

Poole Construction Company Limited
Poole Construction Company Limited changed its name to PCL Construction Ltd. in 1979.

How much is EllisDon worth?

When EllisDon took on the $125-million SkyDome project, Smith recalls, EllisDon was worth less than $30 million. (Last-minute changes would raise the dome’s cost to half a billion dollars).