Is Hurghada good for diving?

Hurghada offers daily diving as well as being a favourite leaving point for many liveaboards. Liveaboard trips leave from here to explore a greater range of sites either north or south. There are many itineraries to choose from; some specialise in wrecks whereas others offer a mix of wrecks and reefs.

How much is diving in Hurghada?

Diving Price List in Hurghada 2021

Activity Price
1 Day Diving Package – 2 Dives € 45
2 Day Diving Package – 4 Dives € 85
3 Day Diving Package – 6 Dives € 125
4 Day Diving Package- 8 Dives € 170

Is it safe to dive in Egypt?

So long as you follow the guidelines in place and go diving with a responsible, certified tour operator, you will have a safe and enjoyable time underwater in Egypt.

How much does scuba diving cost in Egypt?


Half day of diving $34
1 Day of diving (2 dives) $62
3 Days of diving (6 dives) $163
4 Days of diving (8 dives) $212
5 Days of diving (10 dives) $248

Can you snorkel from the beach in Hurghada?

Hurghada itself is not good for snorkelling off the beach. Nearby Sahl Hasheesh and Makadi Bay are far better.

What is the sea temperature in Hurghada?

Average annual water temperature on the coast in Hurghada is 78°F, by the seasons: in winter 74°F, in spring 74°F, in summer 82°F, in autumn 81°F. Minimum water temperature (71°F) in Hurghada it happens in February, maximum (85°F) in August….Neighboring cities and resorts.

El Gouna 81°C 21km
Sharm-el-Sheikh 80°C 96km

Are there sharks in Hurghada?

Red Sea divers have spotted the appearance of a rare whale shark on Saturday near the Fanadir area in front of the beaches of Hurghada. The whale shark owes its name to its gargantuan size, with the largest adults reaching up to 13 meters in length, making them among the largest species of fish.

Are there sharks in Dahab?

Sharks/Rays that have been seen in Dahab include the Whale shark, the Hammerhead, the Oceanic White Tip, the Eagle Ray and the Manta Ray. The zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum or varium) is a species of carpet shark and the sole member of the family Stegostomatidae.

How much does diving cost in Dahab?


Course Price Duration
Boat Diver 110 1 Day, 2 Dives
Deep diver* 199 2 Days, 3 Dives
Digital Underwater photographer 199 1 Day, 2 Dives
DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle/Scooter) 300 1 Day, 2 Dives

Where can I dive in Sharm el Sheikh?

Dive Sites in Sharm el Sheikh

  • Ras Ghozlani.
  • Marsa Bareika.
  • Ras Za’atar.
  • Jackfish Alley.
  • Eel Garden.
  • Shark Observatory.
  • Anemone City.
  • Shark Reef.