Is SoftMaker Office 2021 free?

If you don’t want to pay anything, SoftMaker offers a less-capable, no-cost version called FreeOffice. I tested the standalone version called SoftMaker Office Professional 2021, which costs $99.95 (upgrades from older versions are $59.95).

What is the difference between FreeOffice and SoftMaker office?

FreeOffice reads the old Microsoft formats DOC, XLS, and PPT seamlessly. SoftMaker Office 2021 can also save in these formats. Documents are displayed in tabs that you can dock, undock and rearrange – just like in a web browser. The ribbon can be customized by users.

What is SoftMaker office NX?

SoftMaker Office NX Universal Includes Zotero support, EPUB export, group policies, advanced German grammar checking, an integrated research function for hundreds of professional dictionaries worldwide and a font manager with a professional font library.

Is free office any good?

FreeOffice 2018 is an excellent Office alternative that makes it easy to create and work with files compatible with Microsoft’s core productivity apps.

Is LibreOffice safe?

LibreOffice is as secure as any other word processor such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Word. You could even say it is more secure, since it is open source and it would be pretty hard to hide malicious code in it. You are safer with libreoffice.

How good is FreeOffice?

SoftMaker FreeOffice can open a wide variety of file formats, even the new ones created by MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Each program’s interface is easy to use, and the product offers a wide range of tools and functions that make it a sound, usable office suite.

How is FreeOffice free?

free to use! FreeOffice is a full-featured Office suite with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. It is seamlessly compatible with Microsoft Office and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Best of all, it’s completely free for both personal and business use.

How good is free office?

Is free office legit?

FreeOffice 2018 is best for FreeOffice 2018 is an excellent Office alternative that makes it easy to create and work with files compatible with Microsoft’s core productivity apps.

Is the TextMaker part of SoftMaker Office?

If you don’t want to do the design by yourself, numerous included templates are a great starting point for your documents. TextMaker combines powerful word processing with tremendous design options. word processor for all cases. TextMaker 2021 is part of SoftMaker Office 2021.

What can I do with TextMaker office 2021?

With TextMaker 2021, you can also edit DOC and RTF files, as well as create high-quality PDF files. You can now also create archival PDFs in PDF/A format for the long-term preservation of your documents. SoftMaker Office Professional and NX Universal even enable you to create great-looking e-books in EPUB format.

What can I do with free TextMaker for Windows?

FreeOffice TextMaker for Windows is an OLE server and can insert its documents into any other program. You can zoom and scroll with your fingers on touchscreens.

Can You import Microsoft Word documents into TextMaker?

Skip the annoying import and export: You can open documents created with TextMaker in Microsoft Word – directly, without conversion. This is what seamless document exchange looks like! With TextMaker 2018, you can also edit DOC and RTF files without problems, as well as create high-quality PDF files and e-books from your documents.