Is Xtend Barre worth it?

5.0 out of 5 stars It’s a great, overall workout and very efficient for those days The first time I tried this DVD, I was a little shocked because I didn’t expect it to move so fast. It was the first time I’d seen an aerobic barre workout. I couldn’t keep up and probably did only 40 of the 55 minutes.

How much is Xtend Barre per month?

How much does Xtend Barre cost? You can get access to Xtend Barre home workouts through Openfit for $96 a year or $13 a month.

Who is the girl from Xtend Barre?

If you ever question whether or not exercise gives you endorphins, just take one look at Andrea Rogers and you’ll quickly become a believer. She’s a powerhouse of positivity and the brilliant creator of the global workout sensation, Xtend Barre and XB Pilates, both available to stream on Openfit!

Who owns Xtend Barre?

Andrea Rogers
Andrea Rogers, the founder of Xtend Barre, launched the program as a licensed model to not only seed the brand, but to test the method and markets.

Is Xtend Barre for beginners?

Xtend Barre is different. The barre is the same, but the full-body workout turns up the intensity, infusing cardio and strength training for maximum results. The versatile program is perfect for barre beginners, dancers and athletes, fitness gurus, and gym rats alike.

How quickly will you see results from barre?

Depending on your body type and fitness level, you’ll see and feel changes in three weeks to three months, Leonard says—though making a major change in your body and losing a significant amount of weight could take more than a year.

What is the difference between Pure Barre and Xtend Barre?

Xtend Barre focuses on infusing cardio with ballet-focused exercises to get you a full body workout. Xtend Barre requires sticky socks for class. barre3 focuses only on low-impact moves so you’ll do more longer, slower movements in barre3.

What equipment do I need for Xtend Barre?

A chair is the minimum required piece of “equipment” you’ll need to do Xtend Barre. Some exercises include a small rubber ball, a resistance band, and a set of light weights (1–3 lbs.) to modify the intensity, but you’ll still get a great workout, even if you don’t have them.

How much does OpenFit cost?

How Does OpenFit Compare?

OpenFit Caliber Fitness
Cost $7.42 – $13 / month $99 / month
App Yes Yes
Food Tracker Yes No
Fitness Tracker Automatic Automatic

How many Xtend Barre locations are there?

About Xtend Barre With more than 60 locations in countries around the world including the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, the company has quickly become a leading franchisor in the boutique fitness segment.

Does Xtend Barre reduce weight?

Cardio-focused barre can spur weight loss even further. Some barre workouts bump up the intensity to really get your heart pumping. “We amplify results with a strong cardio component,” says Andrea Rogers, creator of Xtend Barre, a 30-minute cardio mix of Pilates and ballet barre.

Are the Xtend Barre classes really free?

What Is Xtend Barre? After just 30 days of doing Xtend Barre’s dynamic mix of cardio, Pilates, and ballet fundamentals, you can be leaner, stronger, and looking and feeling like a dancer—for FREE. No barre required.