What degree does Milo Aukerman have?

University of California San Diego
University of Wisconsin-MadisonMira Costa High School
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What kind of scientist is Milo Aukerman?

molecular biologist
Lomita, California, U.S. Milo Jay Aukerman (born January 1, 1963) is an American vocalist, songwriter, and former research molecular biologist.

Where does milo Aukerman live?

As a scientist at DuPont, living in Delaware with his professor wife, he lives a lifestyle that’s fairly close to the suburban dream he once sneered at in his youth. But Aukerman didn’t totally drop out of punk and sink into a tidy lawn.

Why did Milo leave descendents?

In July 2016, Milo announced he would be leaving his scientific career to pursue the Descendents full-time, citing burnout with biochemistry and getting laid off from DuPont.

Where did Milo Aukerman go to college?

Where are the descendents from?

Manhattan Beach, California, United States

What is the difference between descendant and descendent?

This is a traditional difference which is at times lost out in modern usage. Descendant, used as a noun, refers to someone who descends from someone else. Descendent, on the other hand, refers to the act of moving downward.

Who sang on Milo Goes to College?

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When was Milo Goes to College released?

September 4, 1982
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Is my son my descendant?

Descendants are those who are the issue of an individual, such as children, grandchildren, and their children, to the remotest degree. Descendants are those in a descending line of birth from an individual, rather than an ascending line, such as to the parents of the individual.

Is a grandchild a descendant?

A person who was born into or legally adopted into the direct line of an individual’s descent (e.g., children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren). Such a person is also called a lineal descendant, “direct” descendant, or “offspring” descendant.