What does a master gunner do?

The primary mission of the army master gunner is to aid and assist commanders at all echelons in the planning, development, execution, and evaluation of all crew-served weapons related training (individual, crew, and collective). The master gunner’s specific duties are directed by the commander.

How long is Abrams master gunner school?

The Abrams Master Gunner Course (AMG) is a thirty-nine-day course with the mission of creating Master Gunners for the U.S. Army.

What is a brigade master gunner?

The key to the success of these crews is the master gunner. They are the technical and tactical experts for their weapon’s platform. The master gunner advises the commander on everything related to the vehicle platform and weapon’s system.

How do you become a master gunner in the Army?

A master gunner requires a “high level of technical competence and a detailed understanding of a projectile producing system that [aids] a command in planning, resourcing, training and executing a gunnery program designed to enhance the combat effectiveness and lethality of a maneuver force,” Horoho wrote in the memo.

What rank is master gunner?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Master gunner is an appointment of the warrant officer rank in the British and United States armed forces.

Are armor officers in tanks?

As an Armor Officer, you’ll be responsible for tank and cavalry/forward reconnaissance operations on the battlefield. You’ll be a leader in operations specific to the armor branch and lead others in many areas of combat operations.

How long is Army tank school?

Job training for an M1 armor crewman requires 22 weeks of One Station Unit Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field under simulated combat. Some of the skills you’ll learn are: Tank operations.

Does master gunner get a badge for Common Core?

Graduates of the Army’s master gunner courses now have a badge to show it off, according to a service-wide message published on May 8.

What rank is a master gunner in the Army?

The appointment is split into two classes: Master gunners 2nd and 1st class, both holding the rank of warrant officer class 1. Formerly there was also an appointment of master gunner 3rd class, who held the rank of warrant officer class 2.

Who is the Master Gunner of the M1A2?

Serves as an M1A2 Battalion Master gunner, responsible for resourcing training facilities, ammunition and advises the Battlion Commander on his tank gunnery training program.

What is the purpose of master gunner training?

Purpose: To train accomplished armor noncommissioned officers in advanced gunnery methodology, turret weapons systems maintenance, and gunnery training management. These acquired skills and knowledge will allow them to function as the unit’s master of gunnery, the tank commander’s mentor and the commander’s gunnery technical adviser.

Who is responsible for maintenance of one M1A2 SEP tank?

Responsible for the maintenance and accountability of one (1) M1A2 SEP tank, one (1) HMMWV and all anciliary equipment valued in excess of 10 million dollars; directly responsible for the welfare, safety, discipline and leadership counseling of two Soldiers and their families. Platoon Sergeant

What does gunnery training do for a tank?

GUNNERY TRAINING: Trains advanced gunnery methodology, doctrinal, and technical procedures needed to assess crew proficiency, identify crew procedural errors that causes a tank not to hit a target, and provide training for crews to operate the tank to its designed capabilities.