What does abbreviation FF mean?

ff. abbreviation. ​written after the number of a page or line to mean ‘and the following pages or lines’

Whats FTW stand for?

The Win
Here are the terms you need to know ASAP! FTW. For The Win was used originally used in cricket but feel free to use the acronym whenever you get your winner on.

What does FF mean in social media?

Follow Friday
FF is an abbreviation for “Follow Friday”, a term that is widely used on a few social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. People use it mainly on social media, but it can also be found in texting, email, online chat, etc.

What does FF mean in a text message?

It means Follow Friday on social media. An acronym or abbreviation used in texting, online chat, instant messaging, e-mail, blogs, and newsgroup postings, it is a form of online jargon or text message shorthand.

How do you use abbreviation FF?

Usage notes The abbreviation ff. is used in citation to refer to a section for which no final page number can usefully be given. If there is only a single section following, f. may be used instead. More properly, it is still used, as originally, to refer to the next page or pages in a citation.

Is FTW bad word?

Around this time, FTW extended as a general expression for anything considered great in some way. The abbreviation may have been given a boost by another popular internet expression epic fail, a hyperbolic description for a failure, big or small. Win, in contrast to fail, has become synonymous for “excellent.”

What is FF in FB?

When you make a public announcement on Facebook about a live event such as a new relationship, a change of job, etc. FF – Follow Friday. A trend that started out on Twitter and involves giving a shoutout to people that you think deserve more recognition and followers.

What does 3 mean from a girl?

Coy Smile
What does this:3 is an emoticon which represents a “Coy Smile.” The emoticon:3 is used to indicate a coy smile What does mean from a girl? winky-kissy faceMwah! The winky-kissy face throwing a kiss emoji, or kissing face, is mostly used to express romantic affection or appreciation for someone or something.

What is FF means in BTS?

What is FF means in BTS? Basically an “FF” is a shorter way of saying FanFiction. If “You Are “ a Kpop Fan you might not know what an ff is too but if you are like a Master Kpop fan then you’ll already know. An ff can be known as imagination.

What does FF mean in a text?

What is FF in text citation?

and following
Resolution. The “ff” is not a section or subpart, but is meant as an abbreviation for “and following”.

What does FTW _ D mean in FTW ( 3 )?

FTW_D fpath is a directory. FTW_DNR fpath is a directory which can’t be read. FTW_DP fpath is a directory, and FTW_DEPTH was specified in flags. (If FTW_DEPTH was not specified in flags, then directories will always be visited with typeflag set to FTW_D .) All of the files and subdirectories within fpath have been processed.

What does FTW stand for in gaming category?

FTW is an abbreviation used for many different meanings within different groups of people: 1. Online gamers: “for the win”.

Is there a callback function for FTW ( 3 )?

* The callback function, fn (), is not supplied with a fourth argument. * The range of values that is passed via the typeflag argument supplied to fn () is smaller: just FTW_F, FTW_D, FTW_DNR , FTW_NS, and (possibly) FTW_SL . These functions return 0 on success, and -1 if an error occurs.

What does FF mean on the motherboard code?

– EVGA Forums Motherboard code starts up at “FF” but computer doesn’t boot. Been trying to tackle this issue for a few days with no luck. Tried a lot of stuff but haven’t had any luck and today I noticed that when i turn the motherboard on, it goes straight to FF.