What does the club symbolize?

Otherwise known as trefoils, clubs represent many things: fall, winter, night, darkness, males, fire, energy, will, wealth, work, luck, and happiness.

What does King of Spades represent?

King of Spades. “If you were born on the first day of the year, the top card in the deck, the King of Spades is your personal symbol. It represents the ultimate in spiritual energy and wisdom.

What does the 7 of clubs symbolize?

This card represents the clarifying quality of the Sun’s bright light. As a Soul Card, the 7 of Club are motivated to use their fine minds to invent, advance and otherwise shine the light of their creative genius for the benefit of humankind.

What does the eight of clubs symbolize?

8♣ is the Soul Card for the Eight of Club. This emblem represents pragmatism. Because it is their personality and Soul-nature, the 8 of Club are happiest when things make perfect sense! They must feel in control of their environment and avoid the messy drama of life at all cost.

Why is it called clubs?

Its original French name is Trèfle which means “clover” and the card symbol depicts a three-leafed clover leaf. The English name “Clubs” is derived from the suit of Bastoni (batons) in Italian-Spanish suited cards.

What element does clubs represent?

fire element
It represents the fire element. Clubs: The summer season is represented by the club. The club meaning in cards is the indication of the stage of “youth” when one places a focus on education, recklessness, and so forth. A club symbol meaning is the pinnacle of an earth element.

What does 8 of spades mean?

Spades – Wisdom – Labor – Acceptance. Eight of Spade Meaning: Power in Work. Karma for the 8 of Spades – Materialism. These people have a keen sense of their inherent obligation to work. They have been known to tax their health and sacrifice their loved ones in a drive to get things done.

What does the king of diamonds symbolize?

King of Diamonds. Positively, the King of Diamonds are endowed with wisdom and power. They may appear cold or hard — but in truth, they are just, and inclined to philanthropy. As a Kings’ Card, they are born into power and must naturally equip themselves as rulers.

What does the 7 of clubs mean spiritually?

The Seven of Clubs person has responsibility toward honesty and integrity. Indicated by a Jack of Spades Supporting Karma Card (+KC), they can be slippery and deceiving when under stress or align with their spiritual Seven nature to express the higher vibration offered by the Jack of Spades.

What does Jack of clubs mean?

This emblem is symbolic of the entertainer drawn toward promoting what is known. In an ideal world, the Jack of Club is a vessel for all sorts of knowledge and spins what it finds into useful threads of ideas for others to enjoy. The soul-nature of the Jack of Club is the harbinger of ideas.

What does the 9 of clubs represent?

Nine of Clubs. All NINE’s need to transcend the intense challenges of their suit. The CLUB suit symbolizes the mind, and how we think. Thus the 9 of Club have difficulty letting go of negative thinking habits, and can suffer from mental laziness or procrastination.

Why are clubs called clubs?

What does it mean to be the king of clubs?

King of Clubs meaning . King of clubs represents a dark man, who is loyal and kind. He is a good businessman, shrewd with money and investments, but isn’t selfish. In fact, the King of clubs is a very devoted father, husband and citizen. In a broader sense, the King of clubs encompasses idealized qualities of a fatherly figure.

How does a king of clubs know their destiny?

These people have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do they live their life by any doctrine or philosophy other than their own. The well that feeds their minds is inexhaustible and from a high source.

What does the reversed King of clubs mean?

King of Clubs — Reversed. This card, as the representative of an individual, designates a person of middling dark complexion, with chestnut brown hair, who, without being positively wicked, is viciously inclined, and for that reason should not be trusted.

What does the king of clubs mean in cartomancy?

With its help, you will soon reach a state of well-being and peace of mind. The King of clubs shows a relative that wants to help you. Altruistic figure in cartomancy, it symbolizes a member of your family or an older friend who will support you. With his/her help, you will apprehend your life with more positive energies and find balance.