What is an example of attributional ambiguity?

Attributional ambiguity can be applied in a very broad sense, considering how often people seek feedback. For example, if it is known that a manager is very sensitive to his/her subordinates’ feelings, and he/she gives positive feedback, it is unclear if that feedback was true or simply an action of sensitivity.

What is social ambiguity?

Attributional ambiguity arises in such interactions when a particular social identity or group membership is associated with a set of stereotypes or beliefs that are valenced, that is, that make a person more or less valued in society. Simple differences among people are not sufficient.

What is narrative ambiguity?

Narrative ambiguity is when aspects of the plot-line are not clear. For example, a character may have unclear motives or the relationship between a pair of characters could be ambiguous.

What is language ambiguity?

Linguistic ambiguity is a quality of language that makes speech or written text open to multiple interpretations. Lexical ambiguity often occurs because words and phrases can have multiple meanings.

What is negative attributional style?

Your attributional style is the way you explain a negative event to yourself. The way you think about why a bad thing has happened to you. But if you have a negative attributional style, you’re more likely to say something like: “I’m bad at maths. This result shows what a bad student I am. Nothing is going to change.

What is meant by shifting standards?

A “shifting standards” effect is present when judgments of group members on objective rating scales show stronger evidence of assimilation to stereotypes than the same judgments on subjective scales.

What is ambiguous Behaviour?

1. ambiguous, equivocal, cryptic, enigmatic describe conditions or statements not clear in meaning. ambiguous can refer to a statement, act, or attitude that is capable of two or more often contradictory interpretations, usually accidentally or unintentionally so: an ambiguous passage in the preamble.

What is ambiguous behavior?

ambiguous – open to two or more interpretations; or of uncertain nature or significance; or (often) intended to mislead; “an equivocal statement”; “the polling had a complex and equivocal (or ambiguous) message for potential female candidates”; “the officer’s equivocal behavior increased the victim’s uneasiness”; ” …

How do you teach ambiguity?

Discover Steps to Getting Students to Accept Ambiguity

  1. Start the Term with Clear Instructions but Move Away from This Gradually.
  2. Emphasize the Need for Completing One’s Own Original Work.
  3. Teach Students How to Come Up with Their Own Topics and Do Their Own Research.

What is ambiguity in the workplace?

Ambiguity is an unclear statement, task or goal. Though ambiguity can present many challenges in the workplace, you can learn how to overcome these situations and become a more confident professional.

What is a depressive attributional style?

Numerous studies have shown that depression-prone people are characterized by a chronic style of attributing failures to internal, stable, and global causes, sometimes labeled as the “depressive attributional style.” Much less is known, however, about how social-cultural factors such as religious beliefs might modulate …